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  1. twelve02

    DFI Couplers

    That's what I thought, they didn't come with the bike as I bought it used. Trying to track them down. Thanks.
  2. twelve02

    DFI Couplers

    Hi All, This is my first KX450 that I picked up a few weeks ago. A couple questions about the DFI couplers. When changing the couplers, do I just take the white one off and put it where the green one is and then take the green one and put it where the white one is? Also, the black one seems to be wired to the launch control button on the handlebars? This doesn't seem right, am I missing the white and black couplers? Thanks in advance. Tom
  3. Hey Ville, Do you know what the recommended sag is for a linkageless PDS bike? I have a 2010 450 XC-W with stock springs and valving. Do they tend to like more or less sag? I'm 175 with street clothes on.
  4. twelve02

    yz450f or ktm450sx

    Can't we all just get along? Carry on.
  5. twelve02

    2010 450 XC-W street kit

    The EXC and XC-W 6 Days edition are not the same. This is from Dirt Rider. http://www.dirtrider.com/reviews/dirt_bike/141_1001_2010_ktm_450_xcw_isde_edition_first_test/index.html The ISDE Edition comes with a quick-release plastic skid plate, push-button fork bleeders, pull handles for the front axle and rear brake pads, a two-part steel/aluminum rear sprocket, a lightweight, thermostatically controlled European-model cooling fan and other goodies. This was also new for 2010 and I don't know if this applies to the EXC as well. The bike itself gets some great upgrades including a new frame that works in concert with a 22mm-offset triple clamp, suspension tuning and lighter Excel rims. The backbone of the frame is changed to attach 10mm lower on the steering head tube. That lowers the tank, changes the angle of the seat, drops the engine a bit lower and forward, and steepens the shock angle, which changes the way the rear suspension forces affect the front suspension. All of which it shares with its SX-F motocross brother.
  6. I was at the track on Saturday and a guy had one with that looked like Andrew Short's 350 with the orange frame and graphics. That bike looked so sick, plus he was hauling ass on it. I took my 2010 450 XC-W to the track cause I'm in the middle of working on my Kawi. Once I stiffened up the suspension, the XC-W was awesome at doing moto work, it's was fun scrubbing past guys with my headlight on.
  7. twelve02

    2010 450 XC-W street kit

    Thanks for everyones' responses. I'm still going to get it plated, but it will only be plated for NV. Grant, I know I originally said that I wanted to plate my XC-W, but now I'm not so sure. I love the bike for what it is, and if I can't ride it on the street in CA, than that's actually OK for me. Riding on the street in SoCal is hazardous to ones' health and I would probably rack up too many miles on it anyway, I've had plenty of friends clipped by cars and that's not really what I want. I'm fine having only plated for NV, AZ, etc... I'll enjoy the freedom when I go and ride there with my friends and family.
  8. twelve02

    2010 450 XC-W street kit

    I'm not registering in NV to avoid paying CA dmv fees and taxes, I'm registering in NV to get it plated for when I ride up there.
  9. twelve02

    530 EXC or 530 XCW?

    You HAVE to get the EXC for CA. I decided to get the XC-W. I found a 2010 6 Days with only 2 hours on it for $6500.00. It's being registered in NV so it will be plated for when I go and ride in NV, AZ and UT.
  10. If you get the JD kit, there's a section on the accelerator pump with 2 different o-rings. The o-ring allows the accelerator pump to apply greater force to the accelerator pump diaphram generating a more intense squirt of fuel to the carb. The o-ring slips over the accelerator pump adjustment screw and around the black accelerator pump linkage. The accelerator pump mechanism works more in unison. On some of the newer KTM's there was excessive cam-chain chatter at idle on start-up after a few hours, so owners were installing a Dirt Tricks cam chain tensioner to resolve issues with a slack timing chain on the new 4-stroke motors. It uses oil pressure combined with a mechanical ratchet system to prevent collapse. http://www.dirttricks.com/timing_chain_tensioner.htm If mine starts ticking, then I'll replace it, though it's suppose to be fixed on the 2010. Some people recommend re-routing the breather tube to by-pass the carb and and the cases. They do this because they don't want extra hot air being put back into the motor. http://www.dirtrider.com/reviews/long_haul/141_1101_2010_ktm_450_xc_w_isde/index.html
  11. twelve02

    Smoothing out power on 450 xcw

    Check your inbox.
  12. twelve02

    Smoothing out power on 450 xcw

    Funny you say that, I almost bought a 2007 because I liked it so much, but couldn't pass on the 2010.
  13. twelve02

    Smoothing out power on 450 xcw

    I unplugged the wire and plugged it into a 2-stage curve map mounted on my bars. It didn't change the bottom end snap, but seems to have changed the mid.
  14. twelve02

    Smoothing out power on 450 xcw

    How does the Auto clutch make it feel so much lighter? I'm definitely interested in a Rekluse, do they take a while to get use to them?
  15. I have the same bike, just picked one up 3 weeks ago with only 2 hours on it. First thing I did was re-jet with a JD kit, Blue Needle, 3rd clip, 175 main, 50 pilot, I think I'm a little rich on the pilot, so may swap that for a 45 or 48. I also am using the thinner O-ring around the pump linkage. I haven't re-routed the breather tube yet, will see if I even need to do so. I may do it as the weather gets hotter. I'm running the dual-map switch on the handlebars, added a zip-tie to the quick-release on the factory skid plate, I read in Dirt-Rider that they had a tendency to come out. I am also experimenting with taller gear for the rear, I am putting a 50 on the rear, mine came with a 52. For some reason, this thing has tons of grunt on the bottom. I ride a lot of Moto and have other bikes, and I can easily seat bounce doubles out of quick corners with the XCW. So, I'm trying to find a good balance for the trail too. The suspension is too soft for the MX track as to be expected, but is really plush. I was really surprised to see how quickly I got comfortable on it, took about half a lap. I have a Dirt Tricks cam chain tensioner, will put it in after about 30 hours. The only other things I want to do, is get a Baja Designs lighting kit, locktite everything that needs to be set and better hand-guards.