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  1. YZEtc


    Adding to the post above yours, it's a tracking/theft recovery device that has nothing to do with American Honda and does not come with the bike when American Honda ships the bike to your local dealer. The dealer puts it on the bike, and in this case, seems like they are concerned with it getting stolen off their lot, or they want you to buy it if you were to purchase that CRF450L, like it or not. I knew of a motorcycle dealer that pushed those devices, too.
  2. YZEtc

    2007 Yamaha WR250

    I owned a 2009 WR250F, which was the same as a 2007 model with different decals. I liked the bike very much and rode it for two years out here on the rocky Connecticut trails. I can't think of anything negative about the bike just because it's a 2007 WR250F, so the things you want to look for if you go to look at the bike being sold are the same things that you'd look for with any used dirt bike. Yes, the 2007 WR250F has electric and kick starting, and have since the 2003 model year. I'm assuming that you know all WR250Fs come corked-up and require uncorking to get full performance. You'll want to ask the seller about that one. When I bought my 2009 model used in October 2009, it was not fully uncorked so I did the rest of that myself. As for the front fork, my 2009 model's fork was not as good as the 2016 model fork I have today, but it was not a deal-breaker, either, I still enjoyed riding the bike, and it can be improved if you feel the need for it. I rate that fork a 7 out of 10.
  3. YZEtc

    2007 Yamaha WR250

    Yes, the 2009 WR250F I owned (as well as the 2016 WR250F I own today) had the LCD multi-function display like the 2007 WR250F in this thread. That LCD meter had two resettable trip meters but no total mileage odometer that could not be reset at the push of a button and would only show total vehicle mileage. This was a USA model. Don't know if Canada bikes are different.
  4. YZEtc

    2007 Yamaha WR250

    In my opinion, that's $1,000-or-so too high. Also, a 2007 WR250F did not come with a total mileage odometer, but just a resettable trip meter. Not saying you're being lied to, but just keep that in mind.
  5. YZEtc

    Wr250r tuned using Yz250fx GYTR tuner?

    The WR250R is not made to use that tuner. First of all, you can not use it because there is no place to plug it in.
  6. You are right. If that fuel screw O-ring is damaged, you will have problems. Replace, and make sure the thin washer that goes between the spring and O-ring is there, too.
  7. As soon as I saw your pics of the broken blue rubber bumper, I knew that your fork was not the original WR250R fork. I owned a 2002 WR250F that had this type of rubber bumper, and the YZs from back then used this, too. So, if you need a replacement rubber bumper, look at the parts catalogues for the Yamaha WRs and YZs back then. By the way, KYB (that's an abbreviation for the company name Kayaba) makes the stock WR250R fork, too. It's just that you found out the hard way that the previous owner of your WR250R switched the forks to that of another year and model of bike. Also, you do need to buy the correct service manual. A WR250F is not a WR250R, and vice-versa. Maybe two new service manuals so you will have the correct info on your forks as well. With the correct information telling you what tools you need and what steps to take, you won't need to hammer wrenches that seem too wide into place and breaking rubber bumpers.
  8. YZEtc

    Front axle position

    There is no guarantee the axle will end up being perfectly flush with the fork leg. My bikes have typically looked like the pic in the first post to varying degrees, so I would not sweat it as long as it's correctly assembled. Also, you tighten the axle nut first, then push the fork down several times to align the right-hand side fork leg, then tighten the four pinch bolts. Double-check the procedure in your Owner's Service Manual.
  9. Have you tried your local Yamaha motorcycle dealer?
  10. YZEtc

    Oil drain plugs on xt250

    Don't try to remove the old one in that pic until you have a new one and a new sealing o-ring on hand. Some kind of big pliers or hammer and sharp-edged chisel to tap it in the direction of loosening is what I'd try. The small drain plug is for your routine oil change. The larger drain plug is where a spring and a thimble-shaped oil strainer is that filters any big particles from being sucked up by the oil pump. If you want to periodically clean that strainer, you remove that bigger drain plug. Seems kinda' redundant to have two oil drains, but, that's how they made it and it does make it easy to get to the strainer (once you replace your damaged one). Once you change the damaged one for a new one, use the correct-sized socket to avoid wrecking the new one when loosening or tightening it.
  11. YZEtc

    Fuel tap screw seal

    Your Yamaha motorcycle dealer.
  12. YZEtc

    GYTR comp kit

    Well, if you have a 2013 WR250F, forget about the ECU kit as that's for 2015-and-up bikes. I owned a 2009 WR250F, same as your 2013 with different decals. I used the GYT-R AIS Removal Kit for that bike, and it came with carburetor jetting, different throttle stop, and full instructions to do what you want to do.
  13. YZEtc

    GYTR comp kit

    There is no gray wire to bother with, either. The kit consists of a new ECU that's programable, different throttle stop, and instructions on how to do the whole job. Search Google images for: WR250F Competition ECU Kit Instructions There's a PDF of the kit instructions up there that you can read and see what it's all about.
  14. YZEtc

    GYTR comp kit

    This is for the 2015-and-later WR250F. Those bikes are fuel injected, so uncorking them means buying this kit. There is no O-ring or jetting.
  15. YZEtc

    WR250 with a clogged fuel system?

    Is this the WR250R, the dual-purpose bike?