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  1. YZEtc

    Another New 450L: a couple add-ons and discoveries

    Go back to the dealer and get your CRF450L Owner's Manual. It came with the bike when it was shipped to the dealer. Looks like a good bike, so enjoy.
  2. YZEtc

    CRF250F how its made

    I read a Kevin Cameron column back in 1994 I believe it was (he wrote for Cycle and Cycle World with his column titled TDC) where he stated the 5-valve cylinder heads had an irregular combustion chamber shape that was not the best for making power at higher RPM. He claimed that as time went on, the Yamaha factory would have to eventually drop their signature 5-valve design and join the 4-valve standard.
  3. YZEtc

    TTR125 Torsion spring replacement

    If you can't simply rotate the push lever (#23), pull up on it, and remove it, then, yes, you are going to have to remove the clutch cover, remove the clutch pressure plate, and remove the steel ball (#21) and pushrod 2 (#22). It is a good idea to have a new clutch cover gasket on hand in case you need it because there is a chance it will tear when removing the clutch cover. Also, of course, 1,000cc of engine oil and a new oil drain plug gasket.
  4. YZEtc

    TTR125 Torsion spring replacement

    What torsion spring in particular? Can you post a parts diagram pic?
  5. YZEtc

    Ttr125L sticking kick start

    Has it always done this, of did this start happening recently?
  6. YZEtc

    Competition ECU

    The Competition ECU Kit instructions will tell you to drill the rivet holding the small-diameter reducer into the muffler outlet and to remove that reducer. Period. It will not have you ride the bike with any other parts removed from the muffler, the exhaust note will still be remarkably quiet (the intake noise will be more noticeable than the exhaust muffler noise when you're done installing the Kit), and the bike will run strongly as it should. If you are thinking about removing additional parts of the stock muffler such as the spark arrestor portion (the part that small-diameter reducer was riveted into), then the exhaust noise will get loud, and, probably have a lousy-sounding tone to it. Not a good move in my opinion.
  7. YZEtc

    Competition ECU

    Agreed. If you expect your WR250F to perform, the Competition ECU Kit is a must - that's why it is offered. Install the kit according to the supplied instructions (easy to do), and enjoy. Great bike with stability, good handling feel, strong power over a wide band (very good low-end and mid-range with good top-end, even with the stock muffler), and incredible suspension performance.
  8. YZEtc


    I started reading motorcycle magazines in 1981 and bought and read so many over the following decades, I filled up a 55 steel drum with them - which I eventually threw away or gave away. I still have a couple hundred of them left. How are these magazines or websites getting their advertising and/or getting their test bikes? Is it from the official USA importer of the bike? Will they have to be careful of not offending the advertiser or importer? If somebody got invited to the recent intro ride of the 2019 Honda CRF450L, rides the bike at the event, and goes back to work and writes a story on how the bike is a pile of junk, well, do you think American Honda will want that guy back for the next test session or give him another bike to test in the near future? Back around 1983, a certain magazine started really pumping-up a certain manufacturer's bikes, writing how they were great. Within a year or so, one of the editors goes to work for that manufacturer's USA division. I still read tests and reviews to this day, but always with a grain of salt.
  9. YZEtc

    Bike advice for wife/kid!

    I believe a physically smaller bike like a Yamaha TTR125 or TTR125L, a Honda XR100R or CRF100F would be a better learner bike. Once the newbie has the basic skills down, move them up a notch to a physically larger bike. Remember, there's a chance they won't want to ride often if they decide it's not for them. There will be riders who call them girl's bikes, slow bikes, cheap bikes, and all sorts of derogatory names including learner bikes, but those riders already know how to ride. Some model history: The TTR250 was the Yamaha competitor to the Honda XR250R and Suzuki DR-Z250 and Kawasaki KLX250 and KLX300 dirt bikes. I believe they're a better choice for somebody who already knows how to ride since they have relatively tall seat heights compared to a smaller bike, and the taller seat can be troublesome to a complete beginner. The TTR250 was sold in other countries starting around 1993 as a street-legal dual-purpose bike, like a Honda XR250L or Yamaha's own XT350, and sold in this country with all of the street-legal lights, speedometer, and battery stripped off it and marketed as a dirt-only bike. It certainly was not designed solely for the USA as a dirt bike, but more of a case of the USA getting other countries' bikes. If I recall, the first year of the TTR250 in the USA was 1999, and the last year was 2006. The TTR230 history in the USA is even older. The engine design comes from the 1981 SR185H Exciter street bike, and was used in the 1982 and 1983 XT200J and XT200K dual-purpose bike. 1986 and 1987 brought the TT225S and TT225T, an off-road-only bike with the same engine design. Next was the 1992 XT225 dual-purpose bike that was offered in the USA up to 2007, if I recall. I think it was 1999 when the TTR225 came to the USA, another bike, like the TTR250, that was another country's dual-purpose bike with the street-legal equipment stripped off of it. The styling was kinda' funky, especially the shape of the seat and fuel tank. The TTR230 uses the same engine design as the TTR225, but with much more modern styling to the seat, fuel tank, plastic bodywork, and ergonomics (how the bike feels to and fits the rider in these areas).
  10. YZEtc

    TTR 125 Rear Axle Compatibility?

    The TTR125LE models (LE means Large wheels with Electric start) have the thicker aluminum swingarm, not the thinner steel swingarm. That is the reason for the thickness difference with the swingarm.
  11. YZEtc

    Absolutely amazing thing

    Was this gasoline? If it was gasoline, it came from the fuel tank. Period. Either that, or somebody is playing a trick on you and poured some into the airbox when you weren't looking.
  12. YZEtc

    Supertrapp Exhaust on TTR125?

    My guess is that you have a GYT-R exhaust system with the GYT-R muffler cut off and the Supertrapp muffler hose clamped in place.
  13. Thinking about getting a KLX140G. Does anybody offer stiffer fork springs for the KLX140G?
  14. YZEtc

    2019 WR250F Updates / Changes

    I do not know of any difference beside color and graphics.
  15. YZEtc

    2019 Yamaha YZ250F Reviews?

    Agreed. 2- or 4-stroke YZ? If your bike is a 4-stroke and it's "smokey", it ain't right.