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    Got to pull the left side cover to be sure.
  2. Nedburt

    Help on pre-98 fork seals!!!

    I used an angle grinder with a metal cutting wheel. I Just made it so where there were 2 prongs, maybe 3/16'' wide on opposite sides. I'll post a photo tomorrow if I can. Do you know if I need a photo hosting site or is there another way to post photos? I'm new to this forum business.
  3. Nedburt

    Help on pre-98 fork seals!!!

    I made the tool this morning out of 3/4 black iron pipe and it worked like a charm! Now we'll see about the rest. Thanks for all the help guys.
  4. Nedburt

    Help on pre-98 fork seals!!!

    Thanks for the input, the manual mentions the tool for '98 and on, but says on 96 and 97 it should spin out. Granted, it is a 13 year old bike. I'll try the tool tonite and let you know how it turns out.
  5. I have a 1996 XR400, and am in the process of replacing the fork seals. This is my first time doing this job. I have the Clymer's manuel, and I'm to the point where I have the springs and oil out. The next step is to remove the compression bolt. The book says while the forks are still on the bike to compress the forks to loosen the compression bolts. I did this prior to disassembly, but wasn't sure how far to back them off. Now when I try to remove them, the internals (where the piston rod goes into) just spin. I tried puting them back together without oil and loosening them, but that didn't work either. I thought maybe someone put newer forks on the bike, but I don't think its very likely that they would put stockers back on. Any help would be much appreciated. Chad