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  1. Guyver

    April 16th-21st ride

    Did anyone notice the UFO in post #139?
  2. Guyver

    Let see em 450's

    That is a sick amount of big air Jessthro! Cool.
  3. Guyver

    YZ450 Woods Gearing?

    I just got back from riding my 07 YZ450 after putting a 52 on the rear. It did help in the tight stuff, I had no stalls today. I still had to work the clutch quite a bit. I did notice a pretty significant drop off the high end speed. This was the first time I've been able to have the bike in 5th gear wide open (4 rides on this bike). Now I would say that the top end speed is pretty comparable to my WR426 and my brothers WR400. The overall performance seemed pretty close to the same when riding it aggressively in relatively flat terrain. Noticably more torque for hill climbing. Overall, I'd say I'm happy with it. It's not perfect as a woods bike, but it's so damn fun to ride wide open that I just love it. I would say that for me (an old guy) the stock front and 52 rear seems pretty close to the perfect all around/all terrain set up.
  4. Guyver

    07 Yz450f...how Good Are They?

    I just got an 07 last weekend with very little hours on it. It had an FMF pipe and the kickstand already. My first ride was absolutely thrilling. My favorite dirt bike to date. I'm gonna love it for a long time! You'd have to tweek it a little if you want to ride in the tight stuff on trails. You won't be sorry with it. Right now I think mine's perfect.
  5. Guyver

    First Ride YZ450

    One limitation I was going to mention was in the tight stuff. Going through these really tight canyons was difficult. It seems like the bike is just not geared for it. Also, this bike doesn't like to poke along. The faster you go the better the bike performs.
  6. Guyver

    First Ride YZ450

    Thanks. I could see how people would be scared of them. I do mostly off road type all terrain riding and single track stuff. My last two bikes (which I actually still have) both have steering dampners. This bike felt really "jumpy" to me at first and it just had so much power. I don't know what mods if any have been done, but it's got an fmf pipe. I've ridden alot of dirt bikes in my years, and most recently an 07 KTM 525 EXc with mods done. I don't know which bike is faster, but I definitely like the way the YZ feels. After a long day of hard riding, I don't feel half as beat up as I do on my WR426.
  7. Guyver

    First Ride YZ450

    I just took my new bike for it's first ride today. It's an 07 YZ 450. I couldn't believe how clean it was. I actually scuffed it up more today in six hours of riding than it's been in two years. I would be shocked if it had even 12 hours of riding on it before I got it. And it has this really cool kick stand that tucks up and out of the way. I've ridden an MX track once in my life - literally. Why would I buy a YZ 450? I wanted a killer dirt bike and now I have one! I couldn't be any happier. The moment I sat on the bike, and then picked it up, I could sense the quality and the "lightness" of it. It's without a doubt the best dirt bike I've ever ridden. I love it. I took it out to a place called Taft today. Alot of hill climbs and just challenging terrain. The bike performed flawlessly. It took me about an hour to get used to the power and the "nimbleness" of the bike. After that I was riding pretty aggressively and loving it. Even though I don't motocross - I'm happy to have this sweet machine. Sorry, no pics of the riding area - I was too busy having an incredible day! Glad to be part of this club.
  8. Guyver

    XR650R or XR650L Help me Choose

    I like high performance. So, for that reason I'd like the "R". But, you can get a new L at half the price of a KTM and do the mods so you get some performance, I'm sure. It's a tough decision. All the L's I've ridden have been so comfortable; their like a cadillac on the dirt! WHY THE HECK DID THEY STOP MAKING THE R!!!!!!
  9. Guyver

    XR650R or XR650L Help me Choose

    You are very kind. I'm already booked for riding saturday and football on sunday. Thank you very much though. As I am in no hurry (I really want the dual sport for summer) I'm sure I'll get a chance to try one. One friend has an older 650L, and another (just sold it) an XR600 with mods done. Both are oldies, but goodies. Just a little heavy - but that's what you want when your going 70 mph down the freeway. I haven't ridden an R; so that would be nice to do. You know; a good craftsman has a wide variety of tools. I see nothing wrong with having two good bikes. On for dirt; one for street and dirt.
  10. Guyver

    XR650R or XR650L Help me Choose

    It sounds like either bike would be good for me. I just realized that I had a close cousin about 15 years ago - Honda NX 650. Really fun bike, loved it. NOT A DIRT BIKE AT ALL!!! Like to get me kilt on dirt.
  11. Guyver

    XR650R or XR650L Help me Choose

    I bought a WR426 back in October for my "dirt" bike. It''s plated, but I wouldn't want to ride it on the street. I kept my xr400r as a guest bike. If I you told you about my maintenance procedures on that bike you'd want to smash me in the face for cruelty to Hondas. But hey, I didn't know a butt load of crap about properly maintaining a bike. Now, I've bought enough tools to make me dangerous - to bikes. I do what I can, but still rely on the old neighborhood shop. I'm fine with that; I prefer riding to tinkering any single day. The bottom line is that XR400 is the best machine I've ever owned. It's still fun to ride, and totally dependable inspite of being neglected as far as maintenance goes for 5 years and being 11 years old. You've got to respect that kind of reliability. I have no problem going with Honda for my dual sport bike. Truth be told, I'd like a plated "R." It's just that right now you can still get a great deal on an 07 or 08 L, already plated and legal - brand spankin new.
  12. Guyver

    XR650R or XR650L Help me Choose

    I just noticed that this thread has been done a time or two. I'm reading the olders now. Try not to get PO'd - I'm still new around here. Besides, who better to ask than this group?
  13. Hey! I think I've found an answer to all my motorcycle issues. I just need another bike! I want a solid dual sport bike for - well, dual sporting! I've got two options that I can think of. 1. Buy an older (used) XR650R with street conversion (I'm in CA). 2. Get a new street legal XR650L. I've never owned either; I like the looks of the 650R and would bet it's better in the dirt. I know that the 650L is comfortable and bullet proof. Which do you think is the better choice? Thanks.
  14. Guyver

    KTM 450/530 verses CRF450X

    Right on! Thanks Bernie. Can't wait to see your new KTM in action. I'll call you sometime next week.
  15. Guyver

    KTM 450/530 verses CRF450X

    Let's go riding! Congrats on your new bike. Can't wait to see it. I'm going to try your other recommendation this saturday. I hope I can find it. Looking for the kitty litter factory.