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  1. WRXcowboy

    09 kx450f exhaust

    I can't answer that for sure but I know you can run an FMF slip-on with the stock header so I'd make the assumption that you can use the FMF header with the stock muffler.
  2. WRXcowboy

    New Ram 1500

    What are you looking for? Want the sound and power? Get the Hemi with 395hp. Gas mileage and torque? Get the est. 240hp EcoDiesel V6. I've got an '09 Ram 1500 and love it! Hauls my bikes and a**. Rides and drives great. I can't think of anything negative to add to it. Enjoy!
  3. WRXcowboy

    Hitch-View - Opinions?

    Thanks for the link. I actually like the first 2 options. Either the Draw-Tite J-hook or the square block. If anyone has any opinions on those I'd appreciate it. The J-hook seems to push the ball hitch to one side while the block seems to pull it over. I just want to get rid of the sway. Too bad I can't do the hook and block.
  4. Wondering if anyone has used the Hitch Rider Hitch-Vise to get rid of the wobble in their hitch mounted carrier. While I'm sure the wobble isn't a big deal, it's unsettling to me. I've been looking around and some look cheap. But looking at the Hitch-Vise last night it seems to be sturdy. I found some reviews online that were promising but thought I'd ask here and see what the consensus was. I know some have been creative and made their own, but... Here's a link to the device http://www.hitchrider.com/nowobble.htm Thanks!
  5. WRXcowboy

    Handguard fitment with Pro Taper bars?

    I'm curious to see if you get any responses. On the recommendation of others I bought Cycra ProBend CRM handguards. BUT was not happy when I went to install them on my '09 KX450f and found out they won't fit. With my forks at the 2nd line above the triple clamp, the handguards clamps don't fit. I would say if you go with Cycra's get the regular ProBends.
  6. WRXcowboy

    Cycra CRM handguards on '09

    No one else has run into anything like this? Guess I have no choice but to go with the ProBends.
  7. WRXcowboy

    Cycra CRM handguards on '09

    Wondering if anyone has any tips for mounting Cycra CRM handguards on my '09. The problem I'm having is there's no room for the mount. I have the stock setup with 7/8" Renthal bars. The issue is the mounts hit the top of the fork tubes. My fork tubes currently line up the 2nd line on the tubes with the top of the triple. I'm sure I could get risers for the handlebar mounts but don't want to change the handlebar height. I'm thinking I'll probably order the Cycra ProBends as they won't interfere with the fork tubes. One other question: has anyone had any issues with the bars interfering with the throttle action. While they're not mounted, I just wanted to make sure it wouldn't. Thanks for any advice/suggestions.
  8. WRXcowboy

    Dakar 2012

    This is the first year I've really watched the Dakar and it truly is awe inspiring. My neighbor (Bill Conger) was racing but after going down the bike was damaged and Bill pushed on as long as humanly possible before his Dakar came to an end. If you want a great read, jump over to ADVRider. My hats off to anybody who even attempts this feat. Hoping Robby Gordon gets back into the groove and kicks some azz.
  9. WRXcowboy

    First Jump

    glad this came up. i'm in the same boat. i spent plenty of time road racing and doing track days but had never ridden in the dirt. i didn't get to ride as much as i wanted to this year but have vowed to be out as much as possible next season. anyway, i've spent more time in the trails but have only jumped some smaller tabletops, with minimal air. i just need to grow a pair and add a bit more speed. 227yz, i won't flame ya. i bought my '09 KX450 this spring at the ripe old age of 42. and i friggin' love it! someone needs to set up a jumping clinic for us old farts.
  10. WRXcowboy

    Vet race in SC

    Very cool! I saw the initial post about the possibility but didn't know it was a definite. That would be awesome, except I can't jump worth sh*t. Guess that's new motivation. Haha!!!
  11. WRXcowboy

    Which HS or Enduro race to do?

    not to sound like an idiot, but being so new to this and hoping to do some hare scrambles next season, what's the main reason running beginners after the pros is bad? i'm guessing it's because as slow as i am i'll be getting lapped....A LOT! i know, just keep smiling.
  12. WRXcowboy

    '09 fork alignment

    you da man! going out first thing to tighten everything up and go ride. need to pick up a service manual this week.
  13. WRXcowboy

    '09 fork alignment

    oh...anyone know what the torque should be for the pinch bolts on the triples?
  14. WRXcowboy

    '09 fork alignment

    that's perfect! thanks a million!
  15. WRXcowboy

    '09 fork alignment

    damn you guys are good. gotta cut me some slack since i'm still learning. haha! by twisted i meant when the handlebar is straight the wheel is pointed slightly to the left. now i need to go out and check all those scenarios. thanks again!