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  1. GlennDysart

    motor cycle oil vs car oil

    I guess it depends on the brand. In the two part article in Motorcycle Consumer News last year some brands like Mobil 1 had almost no difference between the car version and the bike version from their lab testing of the oils. Good. And you know for sure it was the car oil that did this? What proof do you actually have? Lab tests that show the car oil failed and caused these problems? I know people think you are a god on these forums but having used car oil in bikes for 20+ years I've never had the problems you've seen and I've had over 35K miles on several of the bikes. And no offense but quite honestly I trust MCN's lab testing over your "opinion" of what might have caused the damage.
  2. GlennDysart

    What's the "best" gel battery for DRZ400-S?

    I can vouch for this. Not sure how old my DRZ battery is but I've had it in there since I got it, almost 2 years now. My 98 Honda VFR still has the original battery in it. I religiously hook up my tender to my bikes after a ride. This is the one I use: http://www.batterymart.com/batteryminder.php
  3. GlennDysart

    Who is going to the DC Cycle Show?

    I'll be there with mikersoft.
  4. GlennDysart

    Age restrictions - Virginia Trails?

    Why not call the Lee Ranger District office and ask them? Here is the page that has the phone numbers listed: http://www.fs.fed.us/r8/gwj/contact/index.shtml
  5. GlennDysart

    Taskers Gap - Edinburg, Va.

    Truth is he can't get his balls back from his wife.
  6. GlennDysart

    Riding spots in PW county VA?

    None that I know of. An hour or so west you can ride up in the forest.
  7. GlennDysart

    Roanoke / Blacksburg Area- Research

    And here is a map of some of the forest areas to ride http://www.fs.fed.us/r8/gwj/recreation/ohv/index.shtml
  8. GlennDysart

    riding locally this weekend MD/VA

    I might be into riding this weekend. Post where you guys plan on riding.
  9. GlennDysart

    Here's why you wear a full face helmet

    Cause he's a dumbass?
  10. GlennDysart

    Front Spring/Fork Oil Help

    OK, well I ended up using 122 and I also have heavier springs.
  11. GlennDysart

    Front Spring/Fork Oil Help

    Just want to make sure on the proper height. Doing a search I've seen 120mm, 122mm, 124mm, and you are saying 129mm.
  12. GlennDysart

    Front Spring/Fork Oil Help

    I'm in the middle of putting new Race Tech springs in some 04 forks I got off Ebay. The forks didn't have any springs in them. I have an 01S model and I have the service manual for that but as you know the forks between the two models are different. Can someone tell me what the oil level should be for 02S and up? Also, do I need spacers in there? If so what will I need? TIA
  13. GlennDysart

    Trailer Setups

    Damn nice gift I if I must so say.
  14. GlennDysart

    Do you add anything to your gas?

    A bit excessive if not riding it every Saturday. Probably once a month for 5 or 10 minutes and some Sta-Bil will do the job.
  15. GlennDysart

    D606 questions

    I would say getting rim locks depends on what pressure you plan to inflate your tires. What type of terrian are you going to be riding?