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  1. 03DRZ

    What color is yours?

    Y/B More or less B
  2. 03DRZ

    Clarke Tank's Cap Gasket Broken...

    please, take it easy on the gas cap...
  3. Thanks for adding the translation! I've had that vid for a while and never knew &%$#@! they were saying. My next purchase WILL be a 2006 DRZ-400SM
  4. 03DRZ

    DRZ ti axles and swing arm shaft

    If the price was closer to $300 I could almost justify it
  5. it's almost too much fun
  6. full-size trucks hold more DR's:)
  7. 03DRZ

    Technique: How do you pull the front end up?

    more gas, less brake.
  8. 03DRZ

    Clutch guard opinion

    I took a chunk out of the stock cover and replaced it with a SFB. It has been perfect so far (2 years) BTW, it was the same crash that bent the crap outta my brake lever.
  9. 03DRZ

    shade of yellow question

    2000 Yellow and 2001 Yellow are different. The 01 is lighter! Can you not read the posts?
  10. 03DRZ

    Happy Birthday burned!

    Happy belated BDay burned
  11. 03DRZ

    Parts Unlimited is out of ...

    what a jackass! That KTM fender looks much better than the DRZ one
  12. 03DRZ


    Throw it down the trail a couple times, after that you won't have to worry as much
  13. 03DRZ

    chrome rack on SM

    I bet it would look better without the warning stickers... Nice work, perfect for a 12'er
  14. 03DRZ

    eliminating passenger pegs.

    I have a used aluminum one for $20 shipped if anyone wants it. Or not.
  15. This is a cool pic:) or did you want a closer one? or maybe you like the color black? The output of the DOT lamp is great! Its not as bright as the stocker, but it's definately brighter than a flashlight!!!