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  1. peski111

    V force vs stock

    We have tried them on stock engines as well as modded engines and haven't been overly impressed. Current OEM yamaha reeds are supposed to be some good stuff these days.
  2. peski111

    Clutch cable

    Cable is seated properly at both ends. Going to pull clutch cover tomorrow sometime.
  3. peski111

    Clutch cable

    Routing is fine. even when adjusted for maximum slack, only about 1" of braided cable is exposed from within the cover. It's almost as if the cover is too long or the cable inside the cover is too short.
  4. peski111

    Clutch cable

    Bike is 2017 yz250. Break-in went fine. But after riding about 15 minutes of mx type riding, the clutch cable lost all it's slack. Even with cable fully adjusted in both sections, the cable still has no slack. After taking things apart, only about 1" of braided cable is sticking out the top of the sleeve. Cable has Yamato #1SS3500-6G13 stamped on it. That number does not come up on the internet at all. Gotta wait til tuesday to call my local shop. Anybody have any idea? Won't get a chance to pull the plates until late tomorrow night.
  5. peski111

    Hour Meter

    Just picked up an hour meter for the new bike. It didn't come with stick tape. What adhesive would be good to use?
  6. Even though it didn't need it, broke in the Gorr YZ144 around the yard. Headed to the track tomorrow to do some sprocket and jet testing.
  7. I appreciate you wanting to take one off my hands, but I guess I'm just going to have to suffer with my purchases.
  8. Why would I want to do that?
  9. Opened 2 boxes that came UPS. Each one contained an Eric Gorr yz144 build.
  10. peski111

    Enclosed Trailer Setups

    Yes, nice factory plug for our yamaha generator and full panel box with room for expansion
  11. Sent the yz125 RACE bike engine out to Eric Gorr for 144 build. Practice bike engine goes later this week.
  12. Same kid, this time getting dialed in at Happy Ramblers
  13. My son letting it rip at Doublin Gap on practice day
  14. peski111

    2006 YZ 125 clutch problem

    Brand of plates could very well be the issue. I had always used EBC on our bikes, but my mechanic talked me into going back to using the yamaha brand due to fitment reasons. He said the tabs on the yamaha brand were bigger which created less issues with the plates banging back and forth which creates the notches in the basket and hub. So far......more hours out of the yamaha brand than the ebc.
  15. peski111

    2006 YZ 125 clutch problem

    Not typical at all. Was it adjusted properly? How did the rest of the clutch setup look when you put plates in 16 hours ago? The basket and the inner hub need to be in good shape also. The stock yz125 basket and inner hub suck dog balls. I upgraded to the gytr stuff and all is good now.