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  1. zx12r

    XR650L won't start,

    see if it starts better with the kick stand up, if it does, bypass the kick stand switch.
  2. zx12r

    Rear disc guard

    when mine broke, I made one out of aluminum (stop sign thickness), but you can use steel, or even rigid plastic. Cut to shape, drill a couple holes and I painted it black, been on for years.
  3. If you can swing it, buy a XR650L and keep the crf450r for a season, then decide if you can live with the XRL. I came off a cr500 to a xrl, and at first I missed the power (hell I still do), but once you get used to the low end grunt, the magic button and the street legal thing, you realize how much fun the XRL is, hell I hardly ever ride my cr500 anymore. The xrl is no mx bike but, its one of the most fun bikes I've ever owned.
  4. zx12r

    Simple mods

    If you plan on riding trails and fire rds, and there's large rocks, I'd put on a skid plate. Here in PA, there's a lot of rocks and the bottom of my skid plate is all gouged up.
  5. zx12r

    FCR-40MX Carb - Awesome Upgrade

    You don't say if you have a homemade adapter or if your using the NOSS adapter?
  6. Will the bike rev up when the throttle is turned ? When you turn the throttle a 1/4 turn or more it should run(without the choke) because then your running on the needle, main jet, if your pilot circuit is the problem.
  7. zx12r

    Top end noise, loose valve seat?

    All I was trying to ask was, (When I check the valve clearance, is there anything I should look for) and, is it usually the exhaust valve seat that pops out, due to excessive heat ? Those questions were answered in the next post. I know brianhare is very knowledgeable about XR's and has helped me in the past, and I wasn't trying to get into a pissing match, I was just having a bad day and his post rubbed me the wrong way. So as far as I'm concerned, this thread is done. Think I'm going to start a OIL thread . What did the fish say when he swam into a wall, DAM .
  8. zx12r

    2012 XR650L Tire / Size Question

    I just bought a Kenda k270, 5.10-18. haven't put it on yet, and I'm not expecting it to work well in the mud, but I'm getting tired of changing the rear knobby every 1500 miles for $90. For a 50/50 tire, the k270 looks impressive, its a big tire with 14.5 mm long knobs and its only $66 shipped. If you order one make sure you either get the 5.10 or 4.50/18, these are 6 ply and have longer knobs. Theres a lot of reviews of it on the net, some like it, some hate it, but I'm looking for a dirt tire that isn't gone in 1500 miles. Nothing beats a knobby in the mud, the IRC M5B I have on now works great, but its not going to last 900 mi. http://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/44/86/176/742/-/5383/Kenda-K270-Dual-Sport-Tire
  9. zx12r

    Top end noise, loose valve seat?

    I checked them last night the next day. Both intake's were .15 mm, instead of .10 mm. I try to help people whenever I can on here, and when I ask a question, this is the answer you give. Did you really feel the need to answer my question that way!!!!!!!!!!!! How about no answer at all.
  10. zx12r

    FCR-40MX Carb - Awesome Upgrade

    I got 4 inches or 101 mm .
  11. Got a top end noise at cold start. It does get quieter as she warms up (run for 10 minutes), but never goes away. I used a stethoscope and the noise seems like its coming from the left intake valve. I haven't checked the clearance yet. Hoping its not the dreaded loose valve seat. Is it always the exhaust valve seat that pops out ?
  12. zx12r

    Intermittent Carb Flooding - 99 XR600R

    Do you have a one way valve in your gas cap breather hose? I recently had this same problem and when I pulled the hose off the gas cap, my tank was pressurized pretty good, the fumes vented for a few seconds and the carbs over flow leak stopped . If no, you need a new float needle and seat, unless theres some crud stopping it from sealing.
  13. zx12r

    Xr600 weird acceleration

    Maybe your clutch is slipping in the higher rpm's.
  14. zx12r

    FCR-40MX Carb - Awesome Upgrade

    The rib measures 2.472 in. I miss typed the OD, its 2.441 (not 2.41). The rib is .144 in from the rim. What OD measurements are you getting from the Noss adapter ?
  15. zx12r

    FCR-40MX Carb - Awesome Upgrade

    I measured my stock CV carb. Using a caliper= 2.44 inches, tape measure= 2 7/16 in, 62 mm.