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  1. xeslaro

    What is a 450 EXC-R?

    All our exc's even from early 2000's were road legal in NZ. You fulla's on state side have just been a bit slow to catch up. Here's my 05 525 EXC
  2. xeslaro

    Whats going on SPY OPTICS!

    Are you 100% certain you have removed the very thin plastic protection on the lense??
  3. xeslaro

    Ugliest bike ever!

    So peel em off.....
  4. xeslaro

    engine vs. motor ?

    So should we say we ride an enginecycle and love to watch enginesport on tv?
  5. xeslaro

    2008 Bikes

  6. xeslaro

    2008 Bikes

    They're just jealous cause they were working furiously on a similar project and you beat them to it. Kannuck you can be the first to do the '09 bikes ok.
  7. xeslaro

    Brass insert in tank turning... Help.

    I tried the air gun and no go. Drilled the bolt head off and then the thread came out ok. I then used a soldering iron to reset the plastic around the insert. Problem solved. No need to buy a used tank of Ebay with possibly the same problem.
  8. I have a new to me 2005 KDX200H. The bolt is seized in the brass threaded insert on the R/H tank mount and the insert is turning making it impossible to remove the tank. What can I do to get this bolt out?? Andy.
  9. xeslaro

    Pics of my new powerband!

    You can also buy compression in a can for those wanting higher compression.....Just spray it in the inlet. Made by PJ1 i think. At most shops for $14.95.
  10. xeslaro

    Yamaha XT 600

    I've just bought a brand new 2004 model XT600E. Was going to get the new XT660R but budget restrictions meant a run out XT600E was affordable.... Haven't ridden it yet as I'm waiting for my ankle to heal. I have searched the net and found it a bit light on info regarding the XT. They were still avail new in New Zealand and australia until 2004. Used alot by rental companies here. What you wanting to know?
  11. xeslaro

    Do I need a new rim ???

    You da man owenlo!!! You so great!!! You my hero!!! Who the hell would want a custom painted helmet anyway???
  12. xeslaro

    Countershaft sprocket-Which way does it go?

    Mr perfect - not so perfect As posted by Barracuda163 "I have broken that gearbefore, but it caused no harm. I was putting the cases back together and forgot to engage the gear before mating the cases up, and I heard a loud TIIINNNKK!"
  13. xeslaro

    Do you think the '06 will have...

    You need another option - "who cares it's a yammy and i'd buy it even if it was steam powered"
  14. xeslaro

    What bike did u have b4 ur 250f

    Drz400y/ Yz250/ Klx250/ Kdx200/ Kx125/ Xr200re/ Xr250a/ G4tr.