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  1. BluePill

    New Turn Signal plug?

    Yo, Goonster Are you talking about the end with the bulb, like below, or the cable end and connector behind the headlight? If it is the bulb end, that is a standard automotive bulb socket and available at auto parts stores. If it is the end connector that goes to the light ,You would have to buy the whole light assembly. $31 at Rocky Mountain ATV. If it is the connector that goes to the main wiring harness, you cannot buy it. You would have to splice the wires together.
  2. Sorta on topic. Mod to my camper to add a hitch receiver so I can carry Baby Blue when I travel. http://www.forestriverforums.com/forums/f221/heavy-duty-rear-hitch-receiver-for-hardside-96128.html#post1031894
  3. My '08 has almost 40K miles on it, and many small battle scars from the times I laid it down off road. It might be worth $2K if I sell it. The '15 came up as a great deal a few years back when a friend who had almost $10K invested in it (original cost plus lots of farkles) said he would sell it for $5500. Now, for the price of one brand new WRR, I have two.
  4. I travel around the country in Summer and carry the WR on the back of my camper. Because I want both D/S and Sumo ability, I have both sets of tires with the same gearing. Swap takes about 15 minutes and allows the best setup for the conditions. At home in Florida I keep my 2008 WR with dedicated MX knobbies and 13/47 gearing for mud and sand. This allows me to always have the best configuration with very little wasted swap-over time.
  5. BluePill

    Brake Light won't turn off

    Goon Meister: I can't see the detail in your photo, so I am not exactly sure what's going on. I can't get to my bike now because it's in storage, otherwise I would make a video for you. If some WRR owner can post a quick video showing how things are attached and how they move when the pedal is depressed, that should help. It is a common design dating back to at least the 1960's on Japanese bikes, so chances are if you look ant another bike you will see how it works.
  6. BluePill

    Brake Light won't turn off

    I am your personal GURU­čśÇ By loosening the two nuts on the switch, you can move the switch up or down to the proper position, then just snug the nuts back up when it works properly.
  7. BluePill

    Coil Resistance

    Smart way to test the coil. A dynamic test is always better than a static (OHMS) test. If you have or can borrow a digital oscilloscope, these are low resolution captures of my WR250R on an old Snap-On scope. Yours should be close to the same. Above is the crankshaft position sensor. Above is the fuel injector
  8. BluePill

    White creamy stuff on oil dipstick???

    Third reason: Louis C K has been jacking into the motor.
  9. BluePill

    WR250R/X Diagnostics

    The lowest valid number fault code is a 12. Try clearing the codes and see if any new ones come up. Video for reference:
  10. BluePill

    Coil Resistance

    Very few ohmmeters can read with accuracy below 0.5 ohms. Connect your meter's test leads together and see what it reads. If it doesn't go below 0.1 ohm it will not give you a correct reading.
  11. Test all your fuses with a 12 volt test light or voltmeter. Most of the fuses are in a block under the left "Wing" of the gas tank. It's the black plastic box with all the wires in the middle of this photo:
  12. BluePill

    Let's see your WR250R Supermoto (SUMO ONLY)

    Down here we call them Florida Strips, since the only corners we have are Interstate ramps.
  13. BluePill

    Help identifying engine and frame

  14. BluePill

    Let's see your WR250R Supermoto (SUMO ONLY)

    I figure this setup is a "Real" motard, since the front wheel is only on the ground when parked......
  15. BluePill

    How does a Power Commander work?

    If you just want a nice exhaust tone without having to use a programmer, consider the Graves Exhaust Insert: https://www.gravesport.com/categories/shop-by-vehicle/supermoto-dirt-bike/yamaha/wr250x-r/2009-2019.html I removed the Yoshi pipe and tuner that the previous owner had installed because it was way loud, and the MPG was low from the extra fuel that the tuner pumped into the motor. It's not as loud as the FMF, but really make the bike sound nice IMO.