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  1. Yikes. I did not know that. Seems a new rear Ohlins is $650. Ouch. Clearly, I have outspoken my knowledge.
  2. Very true. But, if he can afford another bike, he can afford upgrades. Last time I checked, suspension work was not "big money"... and his next bike will need the same service. or maybe not. I'm not an expert, just giving my 2 cents....
  3. can you blast a set of washboard ruts in 4th gear full throttle? You could after your suspension stops bottoming on every freakin bump. You have to pay someone who knows to fix that. does your bike try to go in a different direction on a square edge bump? Does the rear end hop sideways? Swap side to side? Your suspension needs to change. Suspension guys are magicians. I have no idea how "they" do it, I am not "they", I just know an XT350 ( with forks smaller than a YZ80) went from "piece of $h!t " ... to "I LOVE MY BIKE"
  4. His wife would not let him. He announced he was done with dirt, sold the XT, and bought an FJ1200. Have you been on an XT? Forks smaller than an old school YZ80. Yeah, that bad.
  5. All dual sport tires are horrible in sand. Some of them are horrible in dirt. We have a lot of sand in South Jersey. A "full sand" off-road tire is great off-road and deadly on streets. ( big knobbs = no contact patch). You have to decide what fits your riding area, how much street do you really need, and MOST OF ALL: get your suspension tweeked by a pro that can set up your forks and shock for your needs. I would do that before spending money on anything else. ( I had a NEW 1989 XT350, buddy had identical one: I spent $300 on suspension, he didn't. it was night and day. After I did mine, I could not ride his stock bike at all. neither could he. He sold it a week later )
  6. Those red seals on the bearings in the pic are NEVER meant to be removable! A "sealed cartridge bearing" is sealed... not serviceable. Buy quality bearnigs (SKF, Timken, Fafnir, etc) and they may last a lifetime. Or at least until you move on to your next bike.
  7. Now I'm certain you have an XR motor... where's your decomp chamber ???
  8. I may be crazy, but I think someone stuffed an XR motor into your XL frame... it would explain all your problems. check the serial numbers on the block to see if it's a XR vs XL motor. And whoever did that work on the rear shock mount needs to meet a 4 foot piece of garden hose.
  9. You could paint engine silver... Silver is different. With black pipes. this is VHT SP127 "universal aluminum" on my GS1000G. ( the head and cyl - not the side covers, they are raw / polished )
  10. That cam listed above for $129 looked good to me. How are you going to press on a new flange, and -guarantee- that it wont "walk" over time? or worse, spin a little? Sounds like a ton of work to save $130. ++++++++ Engine paint: I like to stir that pot once in a while. It's clearly a personal preference, but I -really- hate the red engines. I also never dated a redhead. And I have Mick Jagger singing "Paint it Black" stuck in my head
  11. While you have the motor out, paint it. I still think a red engine looks ridiculous.
  12. I'm sure you already know the Honda manual specifically says "use thread locker" on those bolts...
  13. That is the correct tool for the job. But... I would have to dis-assemble the motor again to do it. When I rebuilt my XL600, I helicoiled EVERY BLEEPING ONE. I didn't even think about it during this disaster. Call it a "senior moment"?
  14. I fixed it by using a 4 1/2" long, 1/4-20 AHSC with 4 little flutes ground into the first 2 threads = "self tapping screw". the 6mm is .230", the 1/4 is .250. not alot of material to work with, but it only needed 9 ft-lb of torque to do its job. it works. Thanks to all :-)
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