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  1. flyinW

    Flame On

    Ya cleonard... That's exactly what I was thinking.... keep the BRP so that when the $$ bike is in the shop I'll still have something to ride... LOL Thanks for you help!
  2. flyinW

    Flame On

    OK... just got rid of the "orange" bike and am seriously considering the TE 510 Husky. I'm still riding the 95xr600 and love it for the dependability and relatively low cost for parts/maintenance.... BUT it's heavy!! The KTM 560 SMR was fast, fun and way light in comparison... but the costs for parts & maintenance was ridiculous. Ya... I've been hanging out on the Husky BB to find out what those guys have to say & it sounds alot like the orange team. Nobody that pays that much for the bike then has to mortgage the house to keep her going is gonna say that they made a huge mistake and would like to start all over onna Jap bike... just my $0.02 What do you guys think?? TIA
  3. flyinW

    95 XR 600 to 200? XR 650 Frame??

    Thanks for the insight & information... used to be that there were 650r's around everywhere... now they're gettin scarce. I'll start looking for a well-maintained one that's plated. Thanks Agin
  4. Hey Guys... Been a long time since I posted been down with a damaged back... seemed to be healed now so I'm looking to get back on the BRP... Check this: New Frame Now I'd love to get my air cooled into this alum frame I'm certain that the frame while not only stiffer but would be lighter. Did a search and came up empty-handed... has anybody done this swap or know of this swap? TIA
  5. flyinW

    06 TE250 Exhaust Mod For Wicked Low End

    Well I remember doing a SA fix that just had a piece of SS screening inside the can before the exit...wouldn't that be easily done once you have the can apart??
  6. flyinW

    Dependabilty Issues??

    Hey Thanks Guys!! Really happy from what I've heard so far... I've been riding the great red pig (xr600) for years now and am not all that happy with it UNLESS we're WFO on open desert. Then it comes to it's own. 100+ on desert paths seems to be a little too fast with 310 lbs under me anymore... and my buddies just leave me in the tight or when I go airborne (kinda like landing a small aircraft). haha But man, has this beast been dependable! Oil & gas and some minor maintenance.... just the happy factor is limited... Thanks
  7. flyinW

    Dependabilty Issues??

    Hey All... New to this forum... got really excited about the new TE 450/510's. Went down to the dealer here in San Diego (GP) and really like the DOT bikes. Just have a fear from the olden days... Huskys were always fast, handled great, and were sought after by me and all my moto friends... BUT parts were hard to find and expensive! My question is what is the dependability of the new Italian huskys like?? Your honesty will be greatly appreciated. TIA
  8. flyinW

    LED Rear Signals

    OK... I know it's been a while now, but I think that this information will be useful to many of you out there... The LED's signal lamps now flash when the turnsignal is switched on cuz of a $8 Electronic 2-prong flasher from the local Pep Boys... Thanks for all the input.. L8R
  9. flyinW

    LED Rear Signals

    Sorry 'bout not posting the LED pics this week guys... fell this weekend and screwed up my back... thankfully went to see the Doc and he set everything straight again... haleluja!! I'll try and get them on soon. L8R,
  10. flyinW

    brp what is it

    It's that Big Red thing between yer legs.
  11. flyinW

    Riding 2 Up

    Ahh... this post brings back memories... I remember when I used to ride 2up way lots... back when I was young and crazy® and my girl (now my wife) LOVED it!! We would ride into the hills around Otay Lakes and watch the illegals outrun the border patrol. We would scurry around Fiesta Island (back when it was open) and race guys (2up) on Ossas. Why, I even remember when I jumped the 4-way stop on top of Dictionary hill 2up.... surely thought that I was gonna lose BOTH kidneys that time! The girl wasn't expecting a street (read motard) style jump OVER the intersection at the top of the hill... Ya, those were the days. Shucks now I cry when the BRP backfires and I get a bruise... Getting old ain't for wimps!
  12. Well... I've had a few cold ones and I might be out of line here but in the olden days we used to take and drill out the spaces in the swing arms or the tops of the frameheads and thread and tap and install zerk fittings so's we could grease whatever whenever.... sure it took a little longer but once done the bearings lasted a long long time... jus' my $.02 L8R
  13. Well guys... Sometimes you get what you pay for... meaning that XR600 for $200 was a bit of a rip-off. Compression is good, F&R tires are in good shape, forks need new seals, frame is cracked where the kick-stand used to be, owner promised pinkslip and still hasn't returned the phone calls, seat is shot and needs recover, needs bars, electrical work, clutch, plastics, air filter, carb rebuild, new kick-starter spring return, some gaskets and seals here and there and a new exhaust system.... But most of all I need some help in getting the thing to shift out of first gear. Everything turns, piston goes up & down, the tranny and gears seem to go round and round just fine..(no crunching or grinding or binding) and the pig was picked up in nuetral. In an effort to get the thing started we put a shift lever on it and thought that we could bump-start her... shifted into first and then it got frozen there!! I've done everything short of hitting the lever with a BFH to get it into nuetral or even second (would be a lot easier to bump-start)... Any Ideas?? TIA
  14. flyinW

    LED Rear Signals

    Will post pics later this week.. Thanks,