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  1. Got the shock on my '87 200R rebuilt and gold valve installed by RaceTech and HOLY CRAP what a difference it made. Problem is, in shipping it back the reservoir dial (P/N: 52433-KK0-004 DIAL, SUB-TANK, #29 below) shattered. It appears the same tank and dial was used on all '84-'91 200Rs as well as '84-'96 250Rs. Anybody have a spare to sell?
  2. EAST

    '87 200R: Like a bad relationship

    Right on. Thanks for the help.
  3. EAST

    '87 200R: Like a bad relationship

    Price quoted by Race Tech for anodizing a usable shock body was around $200. I'm no machinist, so I could easily be misquoting the numbers posted. Would .010 and .004 make more sense? In any case, nothing I can do right now but wait for the ebay shock to get here, tear it down, send the body off to Race Tech and wait for another phone call.
  4. EAST

    86-91 XR200R Forks - Wanted opinions please;

    I've run with Progressive springs and emulators for a while. Mostly single track, park trails and a few vintage harescrambles (Vet B/C). I'm 5'11" and weigh about 175 lbs. At first I ran with the middle (blue) spring on the emulators (3 1/2 turns in--as recommended by Race Tech), and immediately noticed a huge improvement in handling. I've since gone with the stiffest (yellow) spring (1 1/2 turns) and have seen greater bottoming resistance. I'd like to eventually go with a 250 front end just to get away from the shitty drum "brake" more than anything.
  5. EAST

    '87 200R: Like a bad relationship

    tlr and 520, Good enough word for me on the ability to share parts between the years. Pulled the trigger on the ebay purchase, $75 shipped with linkage. Tech said they can anodize up to .040 out but mine was "egg shaped" and nearer to .100. Some shops sure as hell are less than scrupulous. Truth is, they've got me over a barrel and at the end of the day all they'll have is their good name to protect. We shall see...
  6. EAST

    '87 200R: Like a bad relationship

    Thanks, yeah, I'll have them anodize a replacement shock body regardless. Just gotta find one they can work with.
  7. EAST

    '87 200R: Like a bad relationship

    Ok, so there's a '90 shock now up on ebay. According the fiche, the numbers for '87 and '90 shock cases are not exactly the same (1990: 54245 KT0 681 / 1987: 54245 KK0 004). I have read on here multiple times that the 200R suspension remained essentially the same through '92. I've got $400 tied up in a shock sitting on the bench at Race Tech and don't want to throw in another $600 to have them build me a whole new G3S shock. Has anybody mixed parts between '84 -'88 and '90 -'92 shocks?
  8. I can't get out of because I've given her sooo much... After TOTAL rebuild of motor (piston, rings, gaskets, 200X cylinder, new valves and springs, new clutch, all new bushings/bearings in tranny, new countershaft and so on) it was time to rebuild the rear shock. After disassembly, I didn't like the looks of the shock shaft so, screw it, I ordered a Race Tech complete shock shaft/gold valve assembly. Got the shaft, dropped it in and the action felt all wrong. Called Race Tech and sent the entire assembly in to diagnose. Got the call today...shock housing too far gone on the inside. They can re-anodize housings but mine is wasted; so wasted I was getting blow-by on the valve. Anybody have a decent '84-'88 XR200R or '84-'85 250R shock housing laying around?
  9. EAST

    XR200R Engine Rebuild Questions

    Chuck, that bearing shares the same part # with the front wheel bearing and when my OEM replacement tranny bearing came, it had the rubber seal. I chalked it up to parts bin engineering, popped the seal thinking they sell this bearing way more often for wheels than trannys and pressed it in.
  10. EAST

    XR200R Engine Rebuild Questions

    Back in action. Went through the bottom half completely and rebuilt the top end with an ATC200X cylinder. Got it out for a break-in ride and almost made it back to the truck. Must've forgot to put threadlocker on the advancer retaining bolt...AND the upper cam chain tensioner bolt. Both backed out. Advancer spun and somehow worked loose the tiny locating pin on the cam and coated the left side of the engine (and my boot and my leg) with oil from the tensioner bolt hole. Only had to push it maybe a 1/4 mile. Sounds like a mess but there doesn't appear to be much damage done. Tough little bike.
  11. EAST

    XR200R Countershaft Pilot Bearing

    Looks like ME05E-5300424 Found a bearing distributor: Bearing Depot & Supply. Ordered online, $14 shipped.
  12. I've got the cases split on my '87 200R for a tranny rebuild. I've been able to source all of the bushings and roller bearings NOS but finding a replacement for this little bugger is giving me fits. Got the old bearings out and the new rollers pressed in but cannot locate even an accurate part number for the countershaft pilot needle bearing (dead center in attached image). Searching old posts turned up P/N 91016-360-006 or 91016-360-003 (NK 15x23x12) but my bearing measures 15x21x12. I even found an -003 on eBay (listed as an discontinued CR shaft bearing), bought it and, yeah, too big. I've tried a couple local bearing suppliers and have only gotten the brush-off. I suppose finding a supplier that will talk to me is my only other option besides pulling a bearing from a used case, which I have but I'm not thrilled about. Anybody have a bearing supplier that will take the time to sell to sell a single bearing?
  13. I had a similar issue with a stuck shifter when assembling after a rebuild. Had to split the cases again to figure it out. When installing the shift drum/forks be careful to set the drum in the case rotated exactly like shown here (from the factory manual): If the drum is rotated too far out of this alignment the dogs that ride in the drum grooves will bind against the groove ends.
  14. EAST

    XR200R Engine Rebuild Questions

    Ok, has anybody ever tried changing out this bearing? Pilot bearing for the mainshaft. It is captive in the case and cannot be knocked out from behind. I've got a POS small slide hammer from harbor freight that I guess I'll have to adapt to the job, if it doesn't fall apart.
  15. EAST

    XR200R Engine Rebuild Questions

    Right on, thanks. Cylinder actually reads 65.303mm right now. I'll go with a 66mm (10:1) and be happy. Last time I went with Bore-tech and a Wiseco piston. Any opinions otherwise?