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  1. freebird_78

    CRAFTSMAN tools new home...LOWE'S!!

    Yup, my cheap HF torque wrenches test more accurate than my Craftsman ones.
  2. freebird_78

    CRAFTSMAN tools new home...LOWE'S!!

    I hope Kobalt rubs off onto Craftsman. Their quality (at least for tool boxes) has gone down dramatically. I cross-shopped Craftsman, Kobalt and Husky when buying mine, and Craftsman was far inferior. Hell, I think even the newer Harbor Freight stuff was built better.
  3. freebird_78

    What did you do to your Beta today ?

    Installed an FMF Gnarly. Have the P-Tech skid/pipe guard, so I was worried whether it was gonna fit with an aftermarket pipe. If you sat the OEM FMF pipe next to the Gnarly, it's visually identical. However, when behind the P-tech, it was clear that the OEM pipe is a little wider in some areas. Whereas on the OEM pipe, the guard had about 1/8" clearance, the Gnarly has 1/2" or more in the same places. The result? Yeah, very noticeable increase in low end. And it's a bit "cleaner" with the same jetting. Had to richen up the air screw about 1/2 turn, but other than that, same jetting. Just runs a good bit cleaner in the really low end (just off idle) area. Didn't expect such a minor change in pipe geometry to make that much difference. Only reason I even changed the pipe out was that before I got the P-tech (and the reason I got the P-tech) I bent up the stock pipe a good bit just at the first bend. Straightened it out best I could, but it never sat quite square in the exhaust port and had leakage and it rattled a good bit. Now, with a new pipe, it's square, sealed and nice and quiet.
  4. freebird_78

    Beta Power Valve Springs...

    Ok, so I was wrong about the JD Jetting PV mod. As it turns out, JD gives you a small spacer. You take the light/small/white spring out, add a shim they provide to the large spring, and that's it. I guess this is the opposite direction of these springs.
  5. freebird_78

    Beta Power Valve Springs...

    Curious to see how the PV spring that came with my JD Jetting kit falls into these. I seem to recall it being softer than stock. Maybe I'll pull it out today and compare.
  6. freebird_78

    What did you do to your Beta today ?

    Would you be able to post specs/links/etc for your parts? I'd love to copy your setup.
  7. freebird_78

    Rekluse Radius X Review

    Well, I'm back to (3) RED and (3) BLUE. I did like the engagement of the (6) RED/LOW. However, what I HATED was the disengagement. For months now, I've been chasing this damned over rev on decel. Kept fattening the airscrew up, assuming it was lean. Sucked because using engine braking downhill was jerky as hell. Well, just as I was about to give up and buy a lectron, I decided a hail mary and try going back to (3) RED, (3) BLUE on the Rekluse. Well, as it turns out, that was it. Over rev on decel is almost completely gone. Leaned the airscrew back out to where it should be. Still good. I'm guessing the clutch was engaging/disengaging and causing the engine to rev (disengaged) then back down (engaged) and back and forth.
  8. freebird_78

    Haaker runs a lowering link?

    Had been running mine in position 1 (stock) from day one. Just on a whim, I flipped it to position 4. Figured it drop the rear just a touch, and I probably not good enough to notice the difference in handling. BOY was I wrong (still not a good rider, though). I absolutely HATED position 4. Front end wanted to wash out at any little turn in. Sure, it felt a little better in deep sand, but that front end was unridable. Felt like either riding on a bald front, or one WAY over inflated. Changed it to position 2 and love it now. Front end feels a touch lighter in the sand (than stock), but still planted on hard pack. Again, I did not expect to be able to notice the difference at my skill level, but it is very noticeable.
  9. freebird_78

    Seat Foam is SOFTER

    So they're using pine instead of oak?
  10. freebird_78

    Dead clutch lever

    I've had almost constant clutch reservoir issues. First was my clutch slave cylinder had some rough spots. Smoothed out the rough spots with scottbrite and replaced the oring. Still leaked. Replaced it with a Rekluse. Still have leaks. Found that the reservoir cover has a small divot, presumably for a vacuum break. I was leaking a tiny bit of fluid out there, especially when I laid it down. I put a very small bead of RTV on the cover gasket, some of which plugged that vacuum break. Then, I have a BRP submount and BRP hand guard mounts on top. Well, it seems the hand guard mounts were putting a good amount of pressure on my clutch hose. Actually wore through the rubber guard on the hose. The hose itself was not compromised, but it was wet under the hose guard. I think the pressure was pressing on the hose fitting and causing a very small leak around the threads of the fitting. Tweaked the angle of the clutch perch so that I have a gap between the hose and the hand guard mount. Haven't had a chance to ride it enough to see if the latest fix stopped all the leaks. No idea why I have had so many issues with it. It's the exact same reservoir and similar line as on my KTM. The hose clearance issue was self-induced.
  11. freebird_78

    New, well newer trucks

    Cool shirt. And yes. As I posted in another thread, I kinda intentionally went in the opposite direction yesterday. "Old" jeep (2015) was just too fancy/nice to take off-road. "Downgraded" to a new 2017 Rubicon Recon. Much more spartan, far fewer bells/whistles.
  12. Can someone with a factory Voyager upload a pic of the temp sensor please?
  13. I'd want it more for the tach and engine temp more than anything. The GPS is cool, but I really doubt I'd use it THAT much. Most rides are just "winging it" and not planned out.
  14. Anyone know if the Trail Tech is a plug in replacement for those of us with a regular speedo?
  15. freebird_78

    JD jet kit for 300RR

    Yeah, second that. Sounds like a float problem to me too.