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  1. The Race Pack * Spark plug tool * Allen wrench * 6-in-1 Screwdriver * 12 and 14mm combination wrench * 8 and 10mm combination wrench * Vise grips with wire cutter * 8, 10, 12, 14mm sockets * Breaker bar for sockets * Extension bar * Spare spark plug * Master link * Zip ties * Small coil of bailing wire * Utility tool i.e.: Leatherman or Gerber MultiTool The Trail Pack is a little more complicated. The aim of this kit is to provide tools and supplies to fix problems when you're out in the middle of nowhere. The Trail Pack The stuff in the race pack plus: * 10mm combination wrench * 12mm combination wrench * 14mm combination wrench * 17 x 19mm open end combination wrench * Set of metric Allen keys 4, 5, 6, and 8mm * 8 inch crescent wrench * Water * Energy bar * Two part epoxy for repairs * A small selection of common nuts and bolts The Ultimate Pack is the mother of all packs. It's meant for the sorriest of bikes (Paul's KLR) out in the boonies. You may note that the kit lists a spare front tube, this will fit in the rear and get you on your way. The Ultimate Pack The contents of the Race and Trail Packs plus: * Greenrider tow strap * Chain breaker * More water or possibly a water purifier * More energy bars * Tire irons * CO2tire inflation kit and spare cartridges or small bicycle pump * Tube patches * Spare front tube * Matches or lighter * Compass/GPS * Best topographical map you can get * Short piece of fuel line * More nuts and bolts * Oil for two stroke mix * Spare lever * Small first aid kit * Small flashlight * Wire saw Survival Kit * Collapsible stove with fuel * Emergency blanket * Orange garbage bag * Pen flares and launcher * Waterproof matches * Bandages * Sutures * Triangle bandage * Antiseptic pads * Aspirin * Surgical blades * Water purifying tablets * 50ft of parachute cord * Knife * Button compass * Needle and thread * Wire * Tin box for kit
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    Y? Y? Y? Y? Y?
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    2009 Husaberg unvailed today

    A somewhat reliable source, but in reality, I'm just stirring the pot. ;~) We'll just have to wait and see.
  4. kelsow

    2009 Husaberg unvailed today

    Rumour has it the 570 has 10 more HP than the 650...
  5. kelsow

    Making a Husaberg street legal?

    Just where do you plan on running this (or any) bike at these throttle settings? You'd be dead in less than a minute trail riding. The Berg is an awesome machine. Best bike I have ever owned actually. Not sure if it would be the best choice for someone who is "new" to offroading especially if you just took a training course. Are you willing to do weekly maintenance? Do you mind changing your oil after every hard ride? Can you adjust/check your valves? I would suggest if you were considering a KLR then why don't you get a DRZ? Sounds like the machine for you.
  6. kelsow

    Few pics my Husaberg FE 550

    Fantastic bikes and your's looks great. Had mine for 2 years and only had to kick it less than 5 times. Left foot kick is no big deal.
  7. kelsow

    2009 Husaberg unvailed today

    Some pix,
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    TM logo

    Here is a link to the eps. http://brandsoftheworld.com/brands/0017/6755/TM_racing.eps
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    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

  10. The most fun I have had on 2 wheels, Lots of more pix here, http://www.nsdsc.ca/Gallery.aspx?whichgallery=2007-02-25+Black+River+again&back=/Gallery.aspx
  11. For me it depends on the tire and how warm/cold the tire is. A warm trackmaster takes me about 12 mins without rushing but a cold ice tire can take more than an hour and there is a lot of blood. On average it's about 20 mins and 1 beer.
  12. If anyone would like to read our ride reports, please feel free to check out our gallery here, http://www.nsdsc.ca/Gallery.aspx It'll pass the time at work...
  13. kelsow

    husabergs and huskys

    Spain? I believe Huskys are manufactured in Italy. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Husqvarna_Motorcycles Gasgas are made in Spain.
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    Jimmy Lewis Rigged Again

    Here's my .02c (at par) I subscribe and will keep subscribing for quite a while. I think the magazine is great and it's getting better every issue. To make it even better I would like to see more dual sport bikes/tests. Around here, Nova Scotia, it's one of the largest growing segments in motorcycle sales. I'm sure it's a similar case throughout NA. I would also like to see reader contributed articles such as ride reports that you see here and on ADVRider. Read this to see what I mean, http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=269251 "Angola, it's not like they said." Tell me you wouldn't like to see something like this in full colour print. Maybe have it continue over 2-3 issues. It has to be hard for magazines to keep coming up with content that you want to pay for when there is plenty available for free on these interwebs. Jimmy, keep up the great work and don't let the bastards get you down. Now, how about that Berg of yours?
  15. kelsow

    Lets see those EXOTICS!!

    Thanks for the kind comments. ahoolsema, the Terraflex is a great tire. It finds traction where other tires give up. It digs in so good, it was too much tire for the mighty Berg. I found I was riding the clutch more than I should. It's also a very heavy tire but I think you would like it on the 550. Just be careful on the street as it's very slippy.