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  1. BIGDADDY450

    What should I ask for it ?

    I understand that you can never recover what you have into them and I'm not expecting that, as I've sold many o bikes in my past, and sorry I'm not parting it out.
  2. BIGDADDY450

    What should I ask for it ?

  3. BIGDADDY450

    What should I ask for it ?

  4. BIGDADDY450

    What should I ask for it ?

    Well, I've decided to sell the TTR. I don't ride it anymore and it just sits in the garage. As you can see it's not an average TTR. What do you guy's think I should ask for it ? This thing flat out moves.... 2001 TTR 125 Logan Built 170cc Ported & Polished Head Takagawa Cam Clutch springs BBR 26mm Carb kit BBR Air Filter assembly BBR Swing Arm BBR Chain Guide BBR Frame Cradle BBR Tall Seat BBR Exhaust BBR Graphics BBR Rear Spring IMS Shift Lever YZ80 Fork Conversion W/Cannon Racecraft front springs Renthal Gold chain Renthal XR/TTR Mini High bend bars I will post up some pics when I get it figured out.
  5. BIGDADDY450

    engine problems

    Make sure your at TDC. Intake 0.0031 to 0.0047 in Exhaust 0.0039 to 0.0055 in
  6. BIGDADDY450

    BBR 150 BBK, any advice?

    There might be a chance that it is off to one side but I bet it is still on if you had it tied up like instructed. I had ours apart a few times and never had a problem. Take your cam gear back off and and check if worried. You wont be able to get the tensioner back on if you dont release the tension on it.
  7. BIGDADDY450

    Adult playbike?

    I have one, Thats all I ride anymore.
  8. BIGDADDY450

    YZ85 vs KX85 fork guards

    They did at one time, I ordered thru my local dealer a few years back ! The only thing I had to do was drill out where the three mounting bolts go on each one. And yes they were Acerbis because my son wanted me to put the Acerbis stickers on them and I told him nooooo.
  9. BIGDADDY450

    YZ85 vs KX85 fork guards

    Sent you a PM
  10. BIGDADDY450

    YZ85 vs KX85 fork guards

    Don't know about the KX stuff. I bought a set of fork guards for mine from acerbis, If you need the sliders you can get them thru the yami dealer along with mounting bolts. Thats the route I went.
  11. BIGDADDY450

    TTR-YZ Fork Swap How-To

    You should be good with that setup just suck them up aways in the clamps. You might be real close with the stock brake line also if you dont have the YZ setup. The set I put on my bro-in-laws bike I did the same way, we didnt have risers but I moved them up all the way tell they about touched the bars, and he is running the stock front brake line and swingarm on his and it sits level. She should be fine with the stock spring rate for trail riding, I think its .26 or .27 but I cant remember.
  12. BIGDADDY450

    The most important mod for a TT-R125L?

    BBR frame cradle should be your first mod !!!!!!!!
  13. BIGDADDY450

    OTD Prices

    I think you did just fine. I'm waiting for ours to come in, price I got it for was $250 over DEALER ($3799) cost plus tax,lic and doc fees.
  14. BIGDADDY450

    OTD Prices

    I agree with you on the $3799 dealer cost ! and that price included what they paid for freight to get it to them. Like I stated in my previous post; I saw the paper work with all the bikes they carried and it showed their cost and MSRP. Just my 2 pennies guys...
  15. BIGDADDY450

    Foot Peg upgrade TTR 125

    How's it going Super D, I used a set from a CRF250X that came off my buddys bike. A little bit of grinding on the stop and shazaam..... they work great except for the spring does not pop them back down in place.