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  1. ben williams

    wr 300 2009

    When you're on the pipe with your helmet on you won't hear the rotor!!
  2. ben williams

    Webb's results due to California rain, not Yamaha

    Put him back on his old 250. I think he turned faster lap times.
  3. ben williams

    Baby Goat

    Some people, (myself especially) just can't let r fly after crashing hard enough to see the little birdies circle your helmet. Not that I was EVER fast. But my trail riding buddies are in awe that my bike doesn't tip over at the speeds I ride at now. I say that it takes skill not to tip over at my speed!!
  4. ben williams

    Anyone have a vintage ripper?

    I know I'll get blasted, but I still love my ol 85 YZ490. I just spent way more on it than it's worth but it is still so much fun to ride! It's a great 2nd bike. I've had her since 1997.
  5. ben williams

    Trying to be a Webb fan

    I'm sure he'll get it. He does have lots of talent. At the MXGP on Saturday he kept taking his left hand off the bars like his wrist hurt. I don't know if it hurt or he was giving the ol rope-a-dope trick. But I will say, his Yami 450 was F--ing FAST!!! Going up Mt Saint Helen about 2/3rds to 3/4 the way up he'd pull a bike any bike close to him. Plus the hole shots. Big power. Get-r-done C Dub!
  6. ben williams

    Motocross Trying to be a Webb fan

    Man, I'm trying to be a Webb fan but the whining about dirty passes is just getting old. The kid rides with tremendous heart and skill, but it seems when he gets passed it's whaaa whaa he rides dirty and I'm gonna put him down. He doesn't seem to realize the people who passed him, caught him, passed him, and finished the race ahead of him. He whined at the MXGP also. rant over
  7. Yepper that thar be a 2 stroke.
  8. ben williams

    Supercross Where is Miss Supercross?

    I haven't seen Diana at all in the last two races. Who did she piss off. She's nice to look at.
  9. ben williams

    The misunderstood YZ490

    I still love my 85 that spent to much money on. But I now have a green sticker bike.
  10. ben williams

    Intermediate Weekend Rides - LA Area - Ongoing

    I know the feeling all too well.
  11. ben williams

    DrMark check out my injury!

    All I can say is OUCH!!!
  12. ben williams

    Wr 300 starting

    Be sure to check your float level. Many come with the floats a little high and leaks out the overflow a lot while riding, wasting gas.
  13. ben williams

    Intermediate Weekend Rides - LA Area - Ongoing

    I'm home. The Emergency room in Parker AZ put it in a splint and said it couldn't be operated on because of swelling so they said I could go home. The ortho I saw here said that was BS that they just didn't want to do it. I go in tomorrow at 3pm for surgery. I do feel better that I don't just have some random emergency room doc cuttin on me.
  14. ben williams

    Intermediate Weekend Rides - LA Area - Ongoing

    I don't remember exactly. On a trail I have riden hundreds of time. Unfortunately it is a very fast part. I think I hit one of those sizable "invisable" rocks at about 50. sky, dirt, sky, dirt, PAIN! Going in for surgery to have a rod put down my tibia tomorrow. Right now it's the ribs that are killin me. Bike faired a lot better than me.