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    Kx85 top end fail

    Dan hit it right off the bat. It's a cold siezure. I'm doing one now on another kids bike. same deal.

    AmsOil Saber at 100:1? Thoughts?

    I'll step in on this one. I am an Amsoil dealer and have been around the block a few times, so to say. I and Amsoil do not recommend running Saber in any bike. That's why they have developed Interceptor and Dominator. A bike engine and a weed wacker engine may have the same internal combustion design, but are 2 different animals as far as usage. As for mixture ratios. 50:1 is the most you want to go with any bike unless the engine was specifically built to run that ratio like 100:1. example: pro-built engine utilizing flat top piston, custom head, cases, etc. I hope this helps clear up any bad ideas.
  3. If anyone can post up a pic of the bore of a 04-05 cylinder on the intake side, I'd appreciate it. I'm doing some research and trying to figure out why Wiseco makes a different piston for 03 vs 04/5. And a $10 difference. What I've come up with so far is: The ring locating pin on an 03 is offset from the intake window and the ring split rides along a bridge in the cylinder. The 04/5 piston, the ring split is directly up the middle of the intake window and I want to see if the 04/5 cylinder has a different design and a bridge up the center of the intake side. If not, what's Wiseco thinking??? On another note, Vertex and Pro-x use the same p/n for 03-05. I have run Vertex before but don't have any in the old piston box. I do have about 25 wisecos though for my sons 03. But I am working on a kids frankenstein bike and it has an assortment of parts used on it. Here's some pics to refer to. 03 piston 04/5 piston pin would be located here.

    05 kx 125 leaking oil. HELP!

    It's been a long time since I've been on here. But OP, It is normal for bikes this age. Especially the 125s. When you get a new topend gasket kit, it will have a new seal for the PV shaft. Replace it. But where you'll see the problem lies and that's the shaft itself. It will have a groove worn into it. The metal used wasn't very hard and easily wears. My sons 125 has been leaking there for years. I just can't seem to come off the $66 for a new little shaft. I'll let it leak instead.

    Eric Gorr 144

    Smokin joe is correct. You would actually go leaner than stock. It's dynamics of velocity. Also, EG should have given you jetting specs to start with then adjust from there. Most I know that have his kits, his jetting was dead on.

    2004 kx 125 bog

    Being in Md I'm sure you're real close to sea level so stock jets will be a bit on the rich side. But it even depends on how they jetted it for the pipe. Did the PO even follow pipe maker recommendations or did they shoot from the hip. For whatever pipe is on it, look at the companies website and get their jetting info. Jetting for reeds is very minor and usually not needed for the most part unless you totally change boxes like Radvalve or V-Force set up. Also, on the 03-05 125's, the Pro Circuit pipe is a slug on the bottom end. But see what jets are in it now and needle clip position and report back. We'll see what we can help with. Also let us know what pipe is on it. Like I said the PC pipe is a slug in the low rpms then hits hard. Been there, done that. Throw an FMF on it and hold on tight.

    05 kx250 clutch pull

    The ASV Lever on my sons 05 KX made a big difference. Much much easier.

    01 KX 250 Trans Oil ?

    Hey Marine. Stickies at the top. Read "New guys here first" BTW, Thanks for your service Desert Storm, OEF, OIF x2 Vet.

    2004 kx 125 bog

    Tryraisingtheneedleifthatdoesntfixitthenyouneedtogouponthepilotjetbutifyourerunningitleanbyturningoffgasmayneedtogodownonpilot whoneedspunctuation?

    What oil to use in my bike

    Because no one can see the BIG BOLD LETTERS THAT SAY, "NEW GUYS IN HERE FIRST"

    Assembly lube vs molybdenium grease

    Rule of thumb on 2 strokes. Seals related to the engine, 2T oil. Seals related to trans, ATF. I am very liberal with both. I have a tendancy to "pour" it on.

    What to do with my KX100 as an adult?

    HOW in the #*$&$ do you guys ride a 100? I'm 6' and 165 and feel so cramped, knees hit the bars and feel like I'm gonna snap it in half over small bumps. Get a 125 to warm up for a 4T then MAN up and get a 250 2 stroke. LOL no worries about the 450's either. A little porting and a good build will lay waste to them turds.

    KX100 powervalve governer broke today

    So many people do not know that the Governor assembly requires periodic checks. I explain it in my thread in the FAQ. But sorry to hear of your bad dilemma.

    kx 85 making funny noises

    Set air screw at 1-1/2 turns out to start. But that sounds like an issue in the pilot system. What brand pipe is that? what's the current jetting?

    Kx85 has no powerband just bogs.

    One of 2 things: Broken PV (common on BB) or Shaft misaligned (See FAQ, Kips and clutch thread) A lot of pics for you.