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  1. Calabogie would be your best bet. You could ride all day there no problem.
  2. The Diaphragm is attache to the piston. It comes as one piece. If you're replacing the piston get the O-rings too. They are cheap.
  3. I've got boots, pants jerseys and gloves in the old gear bin. Jerseys are large pants are 34 and boots are 11. PM me and we can work something out.
  4. Mike, I'm with the Personal, but I get a group rate through work. I'm $130/year for my blue plated beta with full coverage. Its the same price I paid for the old KTM before that. I was expecting it to be closer to my Vstrom which is $450 a year. I think the only reason its cheaper is they don't know what a beta is. I had to send them a pic of the bike and the VIN plate. If you're going to do the road test go to Smiths Falls. The wait is much more reasonable and there is no highway component. Its a very strange business. When Kate got her M1 they would insure her if she took the course. Tyler had to wait until he got his M2 which defeats the entire purpose of having an M1.
  5. Kyle, what happened. I spent the whole weekend looking for you.
  6. This weekend is the XC race at KMMX. It is the closest race to Ottawa so an excellent opportunity for anyone who wants to try it out.
  7. OK, I quoted the wrong post... Dirt Monkey, I sent you a message. bbde17 is right, the Great Pine can be a little long, especially when it snows like last year.
  8. A few of us do training rides on Wed's if you want to join us let me know. We've got lots of different skill levels and everyone goes their own pace without any issues.
  9. I agree with Dane, but if you want to do well at the brush axe you'll need to trade the Husky for a Beta.
  10. Try the Brush axe sprint Enduro. Its a great way to see if you like the racing part without having to worry about mass starts and passing or being passed much.
  11. I'm trying to do them all this year. Got off to a good start in the enduro's, but Burnt River didn't go as well. Guess that will be my throw away. I did both the Great Pine and Terra Nova last year. I preferred the Great Pine. It was closer to home and it didn't have any road riding. The Terra Nova was still less road riding than the Beagle bash though. The Cord is still my favorite until about 4 tests into day one when I think "what the heck am I doing this for." Day 2 always brings me back though.
  12. Just a heads up, Larose isn't open yet. There was some miscommunication a couple of weeks ago but the dirt bike trails are still closed. I've never ridden there, but I know a lot of guys who do. They usually go there for a quick ride after work and always say they would rather meet in Limerick. My understanding is its a convenient place not a destination ride. Limerick and Calabogie would be your best bet on the Ontario side for an all day ride. Limerick would be a little closer, but not by much. Its easy flowing trail that you can do in a few hours. The OFTR membership is required for both Limerick and Larose. Calabogie you could ride all weekend without hitting the same trail twice... unless you follow me then you well be guaranteed to hit the same trail at least twice. Seems I'm a little directionaly challenged. The OFTR/BMA membership isn't required there but it is a great way to meet people who know the area and can show you around.
  13. A couple of us are riding tomorrow at Limerick if you want to come. Any chance you want to lead a group at the orientation day on Sunday? Mini pine started great but had a rough ending. One of the guys on my minute broke his femur. He was one tough guy. He laughed and joked the whole time. They used my average speed for the day to get my time for that test so I had a pretty good finish in the end.
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