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    Getting muddy, dusty, icy, and what ever else conditions you can ride.
  1. MuDPoUNdeR

    CBS Previews JS7's Domination

    Its only the season preview that CBS is covering right? Not a big fan of there coverage hoping Speed takes it again. That way i don't have to wait the next day to see the rest of all of the races and all the classes.
  2. MuDPoUNdeR

    YZ450F supermoto conversion

    Trigger is very correct about who you talk to at a DMV. I registerd my KX450F in GA about a year ago. First person i took it to said no, came back the next day got someone else at the window and with in 2 min. i got my plate. 99% of the people who work at the window who actully give you your plate don't know all the laws regarding dirtbike conversions (thank god!), because of this it allows you to get your plate, at least with my experiance. As far as the title thing goes that sounds like BS because you have a bill of sale. Dirtbikes in GA don't need to be registered from my understanding here. When i got my plate here i actully transfered my bike from CA to GA showed them the old title with had it labled as MX, they gave me a new title for the bike saying it is street legal now.
  3. MuDPoUNdeR

    2013 YZ250

    So it has BNG (Bold New Graphics), you can put those same plastics and graphics on a previous year to '13. You would think with this "resurgence" of two strokes (that they talk about in the video) maybe they should update the YZ since it really hasn't changed much or at all since '06.
  4. MuDPoUNdeR

    Dirty Toys

    haha great video!
  5. MuDPoUNdeR

    stonyford before fire (watch in hd)

    wow how big was it?
  6. MuDPoUNdeR

    stonyford before fire (watch in hd)

    Was there just recently a fire in Stony? Or are you talking about the one that burned down the front side of stonyford years ago?
  7. MuDPoUNdeR

    Julien Lieber 2!

    2:19 = Bad Ass!!!
  8. MuDPoUNdeR

    idea for the new air forks?

    The Pro's use Nirtogen in their forks.
  9. MuDPoUNdeR

    Looking to Tard my WR400 Out

    I got my stuff from them. Had a good experiance.
  10. MuDPoUNdeR

    Helping a friend repair a roached out 2002 KX250

    that thing looks like it was stolen and beatin up! Good luck with your build/budget. Just to repeat what everyone said, make sure you inspect everything. A bike like that needs a lot of TLC and a full breakdown. That rear shock is gona need seals as well, its blown.
  11. MuDPoUNdeR

    Trick Harley Dual Sport

    lol awsome!!! Gona be a lot of pissed of Harley Guys though haha
  12. MuDPoUNdeR

    Paying the price to play...

    TT is still alive on the east coast now days. Fun to watch, soooo many different classes though.
  13. MuDPoUNdeR

    Used 450 AD

  14. MuDPoUNdeR

    blake baggett outdoor

    can't really depend on what gears he is using because the gears in his transmission are all custom and the gear ratio is completly different than any bike you can buy on a show room floor. "The team utilizes their own transmission with gear ratios that are different from a stock KX250F. And, not surprisingly, the tranny has been polished to prevent missed shifts and false neutrals. "
  15. MuDPoUNdeR

    No Emissions Sticker (WR400)

    You happen to ask them about transfering a plate? From what they told me they said they dump any old files of the bike being bought in CA once it has been registered in another state. So when you bring it back to CA and give them the other states title they will give you another title and plate, thus eleminating any head ache you may get trying to get the plate in CA. Just wondering if what i heard was from a rookie or someone who actully knows something in DMV (Very rare).