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  1. newride

    DR 650 bar mounts

    okay, let me rephrase the question. Is it a bad idea to have protaper bars and stock mounts? Are the stock mounts strong enough to hold the bars in place sufficently for really rough riding?
  2. newride

    What do you always carry?

    ha you beat me to it.
  3. newride

    Pull the trig on a new DR650?

    do it! the dr is great. Have been riding motorcycles for 25 years and I really enjoy mine.
  4. newride

    DR 650 bar mounts

    I did a search but could not find exactly what I was looking for. I have pro taper 7/8 bars but stock bar mounts. I think it is time to upgrade the mounts after I crashed recently. The mounts seem not that great. So I don't want risers, but just mounts that are close to stock, but stronger. Certain places say universal mount, but that is just not true. Has anyone put mounts on for their DR 650 (with Protaper bars) that just go right into the stock triple?
  5. newride

    Dr 650 Dropping out of second....

    same thing mine does
  6. newride

    Handlebar help...

    like the look of those, do they come in color besides gold?
  7. newride

    kick stand cut off switch

    Thanks everyone! I will give this s shot. J:thumbsup:
  8. newride

    kick stand cut off switch

    mm, Isn't this for the clutch? I was looking for the kickstand cutt off. Unless they follow the same wire path. I have no clue when it comes to wiring. Can't I just unplug the green plug that comes up from the kick stand switch itself? PS. Thanks Sarah, but I did not see it in the FAQ's ]
  9. newride

    kick stand cut off switch

    hello all, I did do a search but must be doing it wrong because it must be covered here. Is there step by step here to take off the kick stand stand cut off switch? My brother wiped out on my DR and now I think the switch is acting up. If someone can put in the the right direction, i would be greatful!
  10. newride

    Short kick stand

    are you the one who offered earlier today at ADV? I may have to taek you up on that.
  11. newride

    Short kick stand

    Hello all, did a search and can't really find this exact answer. My poor DR keeps blowing over! twice this week. The PO lowered all the way and I kind of like where it is being 5'8. The stock stand is just to tall. Don't really want to cut it an weld it if I don't have to. Have folks had any luck JUST using the short silver stand? I was hoping for a really quick fix, as it may fall again. Thanks all,
  12. newride

    09 Dr 650 Skid Plate ?

    Yep, I decided on this one as well. Should be here in a couple days. Excited to put it on.
  13. newride

    09 Dr 650 Skid Plate ?

    Yeah, they look kind of weak as far as protection. The search goes on..............
  14. newride

    09 Dr 650 Skid Plate ?

    No side coverage is a bummer.
  15. newride

    09 Dr 650 Skid Plate ?

    I was just researching this. So the OEM Suzuki skid plate will not do this and bolts to the frame? Thanks,