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  1. nc_27587

    rebound is now gone in front shocks...?

    Update - problem diagnosed, will be fixed this week.... So...I'm not exactly sure if I have the description of the problem correct, but I wanted to follow-up in case someone else reads this later, etc. I believe it was the seals on the inner chamber that wore out and let all of the fork oil leak out - so when the rebound came into play, there was nothing to push against and dampen it - so the rebound just snapped out. Hope this is accurate enough to help someone later.
  2. nc_27587

    rebound is now gone in front shocks...?

    Thanks again, here's hoping it is something fixable...not expensive...and quick! I have a race this Saturday - always seems to be perfect timing!
  3. nc_27587

    Locking up bike?

    Obviously, as others have stated - it's a huge risk to store it outside and it's a matter of when, not if, it will get stolen. With that said.... Chains are too easy to cut - bolt cutter and 5 seconds.... My suggestion is angle iron with U-Locks, and also disc brake locks. Buy the biggest angle iron and the biggest U-Lock (two of them) you can find. Angle Iron - http://www.homedepot.com/p/Crown-Bolt-2-in-x-72-in-Plain-Steel-Angle-with-1-8-in-Thick-42110/202183506 Then, make a hole in the angle iron on each end for the U-lock. Secure one U-lock to the frame, the other to something else - like the trailer. Then, get two disc brake locks. Those are fairly difficult to cut, and makes a thief carry or drag the bike... http://www.amazon.com/Master-Lock-8303DPS-Disc-Brake/dp/B0009V1WR0/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1404735048&sr=8-2&keywords=motorcycle+disk+brake+lock Good luck. I wouldn't sleep a wink with my bike outside, but I hope it works out for you.
  4. nc_27587

    rebound is now gone in front shocks...?

    ahh, thanks. I did forget to mention that I've ridden it for a few months with no issues. It's possible I did this on a jump or something, but it wasn't something huge that broke my wrists, etc. Thanks
  5. blister on your hand? I ride only one or two HS per year, and I have 2 words for you: Monkey & Butt Good job.
  6. '07 RMZ 450, stock shocks. recently rebuilt - replaced seals, bushings, etc. back to stock - by a suspension shop. this weekend I noticed that after a few laps, the rebound on my front forks was gone. any small or mild jump, I'd feel and hear the front forks quickly extend all of the way out. I can reproduce this myself by pulling the front end off of the ground. the front end is also spongy. I've got it back to the shop, but would like to understand what is wrong and what caused it. Thanks in advance.
  7. based on the responders, the MX'ers haven't done a great job of defending themselves. Ourselves, that is: I ride MX/SX and have found, with just a few exceptions, that the riders are all really great people. We've got a good group of friends, it's a good environment, and everyone is out there to have fun. The few exceptions I have personally experienced are generally younger riders / teenagers who are too aggressive. However, I find that to be the case in other sports, not just MX. Not wanting to start an age discussion, that is just one person's experience. Overall, I have found MX'ers to be a very good group.
  8. If a thief wants your bike, they are going to get it. It's going to be extremely hard to stop them. Like David suggested, you can get an audible alarm. They make them for bicycles that are quite loud and very inexpensive. Heck, I'd get 2. The idea is to make the bikes as inconspicuous as possible and then make it as difficult as possible to steal. Go overboard with your locks and chains. But again, a practiced, determined thief will end up with your bike anyway. My suggestion - stay somewhere like a Motel 6, request a ground floor room, and roll your bike inside. It takes an extra 10 minutes, but when you wake up you won't have to look out the window and wondering what you'll find. Good luck.
  9. nc_27587

    Why do you ride?

    It drowns out the old lady.
  10. nc_27587

    strap for rear of bike

    Same here.
  11. nc_27587

    Tire problem?

    That looks pretty much normal, the bead is supposed to stick out. The rim sits on the bead. However, this is bulged pretty far out, probably because of the 65 psi. When you inflate to 65 psi, only let it stay like that for a few minutes. What is that blue thing sticking out?
  12. Get a pump - there are many different kinds for doing this, this is how you change oil on PWC's.
  13. nc_27587

    How to get bead to sit properly

    Similar experiences - the harder the tire, the more difficult to get the bead to seat. Same tricks as others - WD40, make sure the tire is warm, rubber mallet, bounce tire, and also inflate / deflate as necessary. I've probably gone above 60 psi, but only for a short period of time. If the bead doesn't pop, I deflate it and work the bead a little, more WD40, inflate again, etc.
  14. nc_27587

    Why do you ride?

    I ride because I really like it. The sound, the pull, the air, all of it!
  15. Remember though, no one piece of equipment is 100% effective in all situations. Reading your post makes me worry you are focusing a little too much on it. Remember there are many variables that go into any riding situation. Hope you get back to riding and enjoying it very soon!