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  1. mxer701

    2013 KX450 SPI Suspension Review

    Hey CKNY Ken lives in Calgary and he has several high profile riders that he works with out there. He still works with a few guys here as well - As you mentioned, Dave B, myself, Kyle and a few others. I think he is the best kept secret in the game right now. Cheers, Rob
  2. mxer701

    2013 KX450 SPI Suspension Review

    Hey TT Addict This is not a slight against Dave J at all. I enjoyed working with him on 2 project bikes, but, there are a few reasons that I rely on Ken for all of my suspension needs now..... Ken has developed a theory for fork/shock calibration that produces the type of response that I look for. He has achieved this by valving theory that is in a completely different direction from most shops. He will describe in detail the solution for your bike, based on the feedback you give to him regarding how you ride, what you want the bike to do, etc. He has no problem in re-examining his own designs to fit your requirements - very rare, in my experience. He loves working on the setup until it works as intended. Totally accessible, all the time. I love the response of the fork - I've tried several of his bikes and I'm absolutely amazed at how good they work. Here is something for you to chew on.......How many times have you sent your suspension away to 'xxxx Suspension shop' (it doesn't make any difference which one), are super excited to see the fancy box show up at your door from the Fedex Delivery guy, aimlessly stare at the new stickers on the fork legs, install on your bike, drool a little longer......then, go to the track and be completely disappointed with the way it works, even thinking that, it may even be worse. Kenny gets results, plain and simple. His shit works - a very real, and noticeable improvement in performance. Cheers, Rob
  3. Hi guys Below is a review of my experience with Ken McCurdy of TNT Racing Development, tuning my 2016 KTM SXF 450. A few quick stats on me are as follows: Weight- 180 Height - 5'8" Ability - Vet Pro MX Preferred handling characteristics - neutral to front bias. I'm sure all of us can agree that the 4CS in stock trim is horrible, and I also realize that it's not a fork we have to deal with anymore, but my experience with TNT was impressive and I think deserves a review. Ken recommends the Dal Soggio RAY Kit for the 4CS and feels that the quality of the parts is of the highest quality available. He does, however, feel that the calibration spec as delivered is not adequate. His theory on Base Valve/Midvalve/Spring for all fork designs is a departure from setups available from 'box store' suspension shops. So, he did his thing by modifying the RAY kit, revalved the shock (the shock was more than a revalve), and installed his recommended springs rates and away we went. So first off, I'm not very easy to please. I don't buy stickers, I demand performance. I feel that I am actually getting more picky as technology advances, and Ken knew this and promised to deliver. I had the 2016 bike this past season, and rode it stock the year before. Lots of experience trying to get it to work. The first day testing the bike, was at a track that I only ride a couple times a year. It's a clay/loam mix, built on the side of a hill. Nice little track, fairly easy, with a few technical sections - the whole track can be ridden in 3rd gear on a 450. First ride, I found the rear needed a little more sag (Ken rec'd 100-103mm of sag - I'm not a fan of high rear ends), came in after a couple laps, dialed in sag to 107 (which made me more comfy), and went back out. And, Holy Shit, I finally could hit rough insides with the front end. I couldn't believe it was the same bike. It's really easy to describe - it does what it's suppose to do. The front end insulates the rider from the track, with out a lot of pitch and unnecessary fork diving, etc. An absolute pleasure to ride. The biggest issue with the 4CS for me, was successive small chop at corner entrances. It would not track through that crap. It did with TNT's mods, and the single biggest improvement was that it allowed me to hit rough insides hard. TNT is, I believe, the best suspension service in Canada. Ken's a smart dude with a ton of insight, and the leading expert on Dal Soggio RAY and Sphere kits. Ken is on this forum as Ken McCurdy. If you guys have questions on my setup or have questions on general setup, send him a PM or, start a thread - that's how we all advance in setup knowledge. Thanks guys, and Happy Holidays..... Cheers, Rob
  4. mxer701

    2013 KX450 SPI Suspension Review

    Hey Bowser Kenny at TNT has done my last couple of bikes. He may have assumed that I still have the Kawi. He did my 2016 KTM SXF450 with the Dal Soggio RAY 4CS kit, and I'm am going to post a review in the next few days. Stay tuned, the man knows his stuff!!!!!!! Merry Christmas guys, Cheers, Rob
  5. mxer701

    2013-2014 KX450f Fork Stacks

    That is the stock BV stack for a 2013 KX PSF fork, less the bleed stack of course. Thanks, Rob
  6. Hey guys Does anyone here on the board have any experience with the new SFF Air's? They are now available from Pro Circuit and MB1. Thanks, Rob
  7. Hey guys Does anyone here on the board have any experience with the new SFF Air's? They are now available from Pro Circuit and MB1. Thanks, Rob
  8. mxer701

    Smart Performance

    Hi guys 1) Dave is in an intellectual working in an industry filled with un-educated suspension experts. He not only explains theory behind his designs, but also the drawbacks of the stock designs as well. 2) He is extremely competitively priced - maybe too much, given the information he shares with his customers. 3) His suspension calibration specs and designs are always being upgraded and he will update his customers with the latest info. 4) He loves to talk moto - how can you not like the guy?? 5) Yes, it is challenging to reach him sometimes. Speaking from experience, everyone wants to talk to the president/owner of the company. At some point, you need to not take calls to get work done. 6) SPI stands behind their product. Just my opinion, Thanks, Rob
  9. mxer701

    2013 KX450 SPI Suspension Review

    Hey bud, with all due respect, this thread is a review about the performance of the SPI SPF kit. Lets try and stay on point. Thanks, Rob
  10. mxer701

    2013 KX450 SPI Suspension Review

    Rode the bike again tonight. I adjusted the sag - took out 5mm, now at 100mm. Softened compression on the each fork leg, to try to get the forks to settle a bit better. Those adjustments made a huge difference in the way the bike would hold the edge knobs on the front tire. It bit real hard on flat corners. I'm extremely pleased with the results. The setup in the front end is really good. Dave, I'm going to run it like this for the next couple weeks. Thanks again, Rob
  11. Hi guys Just a quick review on this incredible bike. A few quick stats on me are as follows: Weight- 165 Height - 5'8" Ability - Vet Pro MX Preferred handling characteristics - neutral to front bias. I purchased the Smart Performance DIY kit for both ends of my new KX450. Dave Johnson was great to deal with and was extremely patient. He took the time to describe in detail how his fork and shock designs function, and how it could help an already incredible machine. In particular, were his thoughts and theory on how to take advantage of the positive qualities of the new KYB PSF fork. The Smart Performance mid valve design and calibration is in a completely different direction from stock. The install is quite involved and requires above average mechanical skill. For the folks that have worked on suspension before, the install was straight forward. As a side note; the new PSF forks are so easy to work on. Yesterday was the big day and the track conditions were perfect. it was disced in the morning and there were good sized braking chop at most of the corner entrances. Also, the bike was brand new - I have not ridden the bike in stock trim. How did it work??? It was so good, incredibly smooth. So good in fact, that I had a friend ride the bike (local pro) to get his feedback, and he thought the same thing. The forks were unbelievably smooth. The action of the fork over small chop was smooth and progressive. It was exceptionally good at corner entrances where the small chop would develop into larger bumps the deeper you got into the turn. You could put this bike anywhere. The rear of the bike was planted, smooth and predictable. I was blitzing a 100yd roller section in 3rd on the second lap(keep in mind, it was new and I only had 4 mins on the bike). It is extremely easy to gain confidence when the bike works like that. It made the whole process of negotiating a MX track easier. The only flaw was the front end rode a bit high, which made it a bit tricky to get the front end to bite on flat, rut less turns. We are going to raise the rear end (run 5mm less sag) and take 1lb of air out of each fork leg. That should help. I am back out tomorrow night to the same track and will update you guys on the 2nd ride. Thanks Dave for all your help, Rob W
  12. mxer701

    2013 KX450 SDI PSF Mid Valve SETUP

    Is it possible to get it working smoothly without drilling the piston?
  13. mxer701

    2013 KX450 SDI PSF Mid Valve SETUP

    That's a fair comment. I already purchased these pistons and I am curious as to what other TT members are experimenting with. Thanks
  14. mxer701

    2013 KX450 SDI PSF Mid Valve SETUP

    It does come with a recommended build. It is configured to be used with a stock BV. I am curious as to what the feedback is from the thumper talk community with respect to using the SDI config and mods that have been developed. Thanks, Rob
  15. Hi guys Is there anyone here with experience with the SDI mid valve piston for the new PSF fork? If so, what valve stack configuration are you using for motocross application? Thanks,