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  1. I put the PC link on my 09 CRF 450. It definitely makes it better. It lessens the stinkbug feel and most importantly it helps settle the bike in the rough square edge bups. Definitely worth the money.
  2. I got mine from Andrews in Salem Ohio. $7400 out the door. No set up and freight. No sales tax because I am from PA.
  3. now I am confused. I have 2 different answers. Who is right?
  4. The Windham bend is 998. I run them. I am 6" 1. The Honda high is tall also but the sweep is too pulled back for me. The Windham bar is more straight.
  5. Is 09 honda 450 front brake caliper hanger the same as an 08? I want to get an oversized kit but Im not sure if the 08 is the same as the 09.
  6. Will Honda rims lace up to Kawasaki hubs and spokes? and will Kawasaki rims lace up to Honda hubs and spokes?
  7. Is the yoshimura tuner compatible with the Honda or is it only for the Suzuki?
  8. Where do I buy the Honda PGM -F1 EI setting tool? I read that it is available to buy.