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  1. RacerX73

    DRZ Speeds - list yours

    106 On my drz sm 3x3 Full yoshi, jetting Stock gearing 106 is right where the Rev limiter comes on
  2. RacerX73

    DRZ-SM Riding Gear

    One Industries Trooper MX helmet, Spy Alloy goggles,Shift Mesh jacket and Thor Mx Gloves. Jeans and American eagle leather boots as far as lower protection.
  3. RacerX73

    Harley D**K Head ruined my ride

    I really dont run into any of that on my SM. I wear all of my gear and a motocross style helmet (One industries Trooper) and I Fit the part of a Supermoto rider. The only A** holes i have a problem with is The Goldwing riders. I think that due to their age they dislike us "newage riders". Everyone else except the Flipflop and swimtrunk wearing Gixxer riders dont wave back. But I dont consider them real riders anyhow.
  4. RacerX73

    yoshi full stainless exhaust glowing

    Totally normal. Your engine is spitting out serious heat right at the head pipe. every motocross bike i have ever had has done this on the first start up. Dont change a thing!
  5. RacerX73

    New Drz top speed!!! Yours?

    And it is an SM
  6. RacerX73

    New Drz top speed!!! Yours?

    106 indicated on stock speedo, sorry I should have clarified.
  7. RacerX73

    New Drz top speed!!! Yours?

    I hit 106 today on my drz... Its running great since the pipe and jetting. I tucked down, left hand on the tank, right elbow straight, and I managed 105. As the road started going slightly downhill, I hit 106, and then right after, the rev limiter. I have stock gearing, weigh aprox. 190, have jetting, 3x3, and exhaust... Fcr soon to come!
  8. RacerX73

    How high is this thing Rev'in??

    I have Hit 102 with my 08 sm in the stock layout. I weigh 180, and i was tucked down so low I could barely see, and had my left hand on the tank to avoid drag. It was not easy, and it took about a mile and a half to do.