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    2004 CRF250R Rear Brake Pads

    hello everyone, I am having a hard time replacing the rear brake pads on my 250. I took out the old ones and purchased EBC rear brake pads. i think they are the X version which are the motocross version. I don't know how they would fit in where they should go because they are big. The old pads were worn to the bone but caught it just in time before it destroyed the disk. Any help would be great! the next race is coming up!!!
  2. crf250rmadman

    burning oil

    it doesnt burn that much but its noticable after a 4-5 hour hard ride. i am leaning toward the problem of overfilling it... thats what i think. and for the jetting? the bike doesnt lack any power anywhere on the power band. so i dont think its that... also i noticed that when i cleaned out the inside of the exhaust tip and then i rode it for 5 minutes and revving it, i saw that it had a small amount of black soot in it.
  3. crf250rmadman

    burning oil

    hello everybody, i have a 2004 honda crf250r and a few questons... ok so i just replaced the piston, piston rings, and shims. everything is in spec and the bike is performing at its best. the bike has about 60 hours on it. the bike used to burn oil so thats why i did the rebuild and then after the rebuild it stopped. 20 hours of ride time later its back. the black smoke only when revved and its burning oil. i may have overfilled it with oil. is that a problem? plz help!!