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  1. my friend on his 03 yz250, hes going 2 try a back flip this weekend
  2. The yz build still has new graphics left and seat cover 2 install
  3. Lol well its easyer we got more room and its warmer than the building
  4. green61

    2000 yz250 mod help!

    well it has a new top end and is jetted by a shop nt long ago and i have a new tire ready for it
  5. green61

    2000 yz250 mod help!

    What ab a new pet cock? or the scary fast system?
  6. green61

    2000 yz250 mod help!

    OK i have ab $150 what mod or mods should i buy for my 2000 yz 250 i already have a full pc pipe and bars and all that but i want something 2 make it a lil faster.
  7. green61

    Building the fastest yz250

    Gear ratio for what u want
  8. you cant get a job in the states till your 16 where i live! I have been trying and every where i go wants you 2 b 16 or if they hire 15 year olds they arent hiring now
  9. green61

    2502t or 450?

    Im 15 116 and ride a yz250 and race in the 250f d class. Its a great bike and the power isnt rlly as nasy as ppl make it out 2 be. It actuly is about the same speed as a 250f on the track and teaches you how to select the right gear unlike a 4t.
  10. The shrouds arnt that much diffrent