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  1. any sound comparisons between the Q4 and HMF? Is the Q4 that much quieter than the HMF with quietest insert? thanks in advance
  2. where, if you don't mind me asking, do you pick these up?
  3. i have a yosh on my wrr. I threw it on from the get go because I didn't (and still don't) really know any better. I used it for about 6 months without a programmer. You will experience backfiring until you remove the AIS. After that it killed the popping almost completely, and made it run a slightly more quite. I personally think it looks way better that the FMF pipes, but it is fairly loud, especially since I have about 7000Km on the pipe, needs repaking. hope that helps some
  4. thanks for the insight everyone. AIS done. And hopefully Attitude programmer tomorrow, the fingers are crossed
  5. had I had the bike at the time I would have done so. It was away getting some 606s mounted to it. Fuel programmer should be here friday so I was trying to get everything I need ready to mod this sucker before I head out east with it. Thanks again
  6. thanks zagi! Anyone know the cap size for the AIS?
  7. Does anyone know the inner diameter of the caps that i need to cover where tubes once were? looking for the AIS one as well as the flapper mod (i read on wrrdualsport.com that there is one place you need to cap)? thanks in advance chris
  8. I use a ram mount. Inexpensive and does what its intended to do, hold your gps. I believe i paid $35
  9. what kind of wheels did you get? and where from? Im looking to get super moto wheels.
  10. Has anyone gotten a set of supermoto wheels for the R yet? Curious to see how you like them? I want a set, but I'm stuck in between getting sumo rims and tires or just getting another set of dirt rims and sticking some distanzas on it. suggests?? thanks
  11. I'm running Garmin Etrex Legend HCx, almost like a lesser version of the 60csx. Its easy to use, fairly inexpensive, and works great. No problems with it at all. It also does tracking (and track back). Also using ram mount.
  12. checked out the chart, doesn't look to be on there, and I also checked out the pipe, and I don't have the straight 2.5", mine hooks down. So I don't think it will work. Thanks for the offer though.
  13. So I emailed Yoshimura about 94Db inserts for WRR slip-ons and looks like thats not gonna be happening anytime soon. bummer "Chris, Unfortunately we still do not have a 94dB insert in the works for your specific application. I apologize for the inconvenience. Thanks for your interest in Yoshimura! Lauren x.428 Yoshimura Sales Returns and Warranties 1-800-634-9166 lwaters@yoshimura-rd.com"
  14. found the thread i was looking for, sorry, please delete
  15. Ok, I feel like an idiot just asking but, I just recieved my hand guards and i was installing them (very hard to do with absolutely no space around). Anyhow, after I was done, I realized that now had a ghetto cruise control. How did you zeta people install without having that problem? thanks