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    TW200 Mods

    Yes, of course. My typing habits are way bad, I know, super lazy. I actually speak Spanish and know better. I found a good chain for it and a 45; I also bought a new 14 with it. I think however I will try to hold out a couple of days to try and obtain the 15. If my knowledge of gearing is true, the 15 will give me a better top speed, whereas smaller rear's only make it faster from the low end. I think I need to find better shops as I the parts staff are pretty much useless for suggestions and custom ordering.
  2. benjaman

    TW200 Mods

    New here to the forum. I have to admit that I didnt really know about the cult status of the TW200 when i bought one. It just fit my needs. Right away i found many images of modified tw's and got taken in. As many of you know already i'm sure, i am going mad trying to find the parts to do the job. I probly had 20 man hrs in trying to find a means of mounting a 5 3/4's headlight before fabing one myself out of flat stock aluminum. My latest trouble is finding the 15/ 45 and chain everyone is going on about. This is maddening! I have a couple hours on the web trying to find something and natta! Note: if anyone is interested, i can email the draft of my headlight bracket. You'll need to have someone mill it for you or do it yourself. I might consider making one for you, but haven't thought about the price really. http://www.flickr.com/photos/daddioparks/2954049702/sizes/o/