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  1. chris7521

    a little more than some tender loving care??

    It is easy. And do yourself a favor and replace the bushings also. They are not expensive and easy to replace as well. They are probably worn and this is the time to replace otherwise your new seals will leak as well. Been there! Even though the seals are easy, taking the forks apart twice is less easy:bonk: to do the bushings you should have replaced the first go around:thumbsup:
  2. Not the most comfortable thing by the last day but she did fine. LOTS of hills and long highway rides. http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=485805
  3. chris7521

    02 yz250f only runs with choke

    Clogged pilot jet or circuit. It's not your starter jet since that is what it's running on currently(w/cold start pulled). Clean and blow out pilot passage ways. You might need a new pilot jet as well since they don't clean up very good.
  4. chris7521

    removing relay arm needle bearings tricks?

    I know how to read a parts break down:bonk: And that is for an "03". Number 22 is what you need. Your "needle" bearings don't revolve around on the aluminum relay arm...it has a race and that is one w/needle bearings and the other race is the collar #25.
  5. chris7521

    removing relay arm needle bearings tricks?

    Item #22 BEARING,CYLINDRICAL 93315-32056-00 http://shop.thumpertalk.com/oem.asp?partcategory=678666&manufacturer=6&category=3&year=2003&model=18052 If your bearing looks like that you need #25 as well.
  6. chris7521

    Fuel Screw options

    What William said. A quality fuel screw makes a big difference in adjustments and consistency. I have a JD screw and it works well.
  7. It is how these bike are. Unplugging the TPS does reduce it but it also reduces power i have found. What race bike is rode around at a constant throttle setting? Only ones that aren't racing. Live with it or live with less power.
  8. chris7521

    YZ250f vs. TTR250

    Don't believe what anybody has said, we don't know what we are talking about. YZ where built for racing. Last time i checked there was not one ttr racing with YZ's. I wonder why?? Different breed all together. Even a 03:bonk:
  9. chris7521

    06 yz250f throttle position sensor

    Don't quote me but, I believe it would be the crank sensor which gives the input for limiting RPM's. It is also one of the two sensors that help control timing along with the TPS. With the 2 combined it gives the CDI a more accurate picture of the engines needs regarding timing, to give the most power. So, to answer your question no it doesn't affect the rev-limiter but does help control timing.
  10. I think the main reason is to reduce power loss from the crank turning through oil. It is a race bike and there would be oil sloshing around in it's normal operation if it was all in the case. If I'm wrong, someone will correct me but, I think that about covers it.
  11. chris7521

    wrf vrs yzf exhaust cam?

    I was confused most certainly. My Bad!
  12. chris7521

    wrf vrs yzf exhaust cam?

    To be honest I am not positive on that. I would think you would loose at least something. But, I was simply answering how you revert back to WR timing. Whether you need to or want to I can't answer. Sorry!
  13. chris7521

    wrf vrs yzf exhaust cam?

    Reverse the gray wire mod to get WR timing. http://www.thumperfaq.com/gray_wire.htm
  14. chris7521

    Carbon removal?

    Seafoam works pretty well. Let it soak and scrub with a toothbrush or similar. I think most auto part stores will carry it.