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  1. I Tell them I Have The Super Rare Florescent Green Powerband Thats Makes a extra 100Hp It Also glows in the dark So I Could see it working.
  2. Several People Asked Me What Color is My Powerband on My KX500
  3. 0 comments

    Honda CRF230F 2003
  4. Cycra Cycralite Front Fender For a 2004 CRF450R on a 2003 CRF230F
  5. A Cycra vented front fender off of a CRF450 is what I Have on My 230 It Was a direct bolt on no mods needed. It Keeps allot more mud off the engine without restricting air flow .
  6. SANY5307.JPG
  7. It Was Bought off eBay also It Was Listed as a Cart fan, My DRZ-E Is Used Exclusively on Very tight off camber single track The Fan Completely Stopped the bike from boiling over The DIMENSIONS: 4 5/16" wide, 1" deep, 4 1/8" from mounting hole to mounting hole
  8. I Had to mount in on the right side radiator for best fit Its held on with zip ties Ive Been using the fan 3 years with no problems .
  9. I Used a Similar fan and wired it to a on/off switch on My E Model
  10. Congratulations on Your Perseverance. Great Looking Bike Also.
  11. DRZ450? And here I thought someone got something like an Ecotrons FI kit on a DR-Z to work..
  12. 05 DRZ 450 fuel injected http://spokane.craigslist.org/mcy/5759597016.html
  13. I Couldn't imagine how low 11/47 would be I Run 13/47 On My Drz400E and its used exclusively on very step and off camber single track