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  1. I Tell them I Have The Super Rare Florescent Green Powerband Thats Makes a extra 100Hp It Also glows in the dark So I Could see it working.
  2. Several People Asked Me What Color is My Powerband on My KX500
  3. 18B

    Honda CRF230F (2003)


    Honda CRF230F 2003
  4. Cycra Cycralite Front Fender For a 2004 CRF450R on a 2003 CRF230F
  5. A Cycra vented front fender off of a CRF450 is what I Have on My 230 It Was a direct bolt on no mods needed. It Keeps allot more mud off the engine without restricting air flow .
  6. 18B

    Random pics.

  7. 18B

    E model fan

    It Was Bought off eBay also It Was Listed as a Cart fan, My DRZ-E Is Used Exclusively on Very tight off camber single track The Fan Completely Stopped the bike from boiling over The DIMENSIONS: 4 5/16" wide, 1" deep, 4 1/8" from mounting hole to mounting hole
  8. 18B

    E model fan

    I Had to mount in on the right side radiator for best fit Its held on with zip ties Ive Been using the fan 3 years with no problems .
  9. 18B

    E model fan

    I Used a Similar fan and wired it to a on/off switch on My E Model
  10. 18B

    What did you BUY for your DRZ today

    4 Rear wheel spokes and new wheel bearings for a set used 21/18 wheels I Bought to use as dedicated offload wheels
  11. Congratulations on Your Perseverance. Great Looking Bike Also.
  12. 18B

    DRZ400 CL finds

    DRZ450? And here I thought someone got something like an Ecotrons FI kit on a DR-Z to work..
  13. 18B

    DRZ400 CL finds

    05 DRZ 450 fuel injected http://spokane.craigslist.org/mcy/5759597016.html
  14. 18B

    drz400e gearing for jeep road

    I Couldn't imagine how low 11/47 would be I Run 13/47 On My Drz400E and its used exclusively on very step and off camber single track