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    Lowering Seat Height on KTM: Shaving the seat?

    I would reccomend the EE soft seat as well. In my opinion stock KTM seats are extremely uncomfortable as is, I couldn't imagine one with even less padding from being cut down. Another option for lowering the seat height is to have the subframe cut and rewelded. A buddy of mine bought a KTM that had this done.
  2. I second this if you haven't already purchased a bike. I own a 2003 450 MXC, a 2008 250 XC-F, and a 2008 200 XC, and I feel the best trail bike is the 200. The 200 is extremely easy to ride in the tight stuff and makes more than enough power to pull you through the rough stuff. I was surprised at how I am able to ride it like a 4 stroke, lugging it up hill climbs in 2nd gear.
  3. whoareyou

    New Back Tire

    My buddy and I both run 140/80s on our 03 450s without problem.