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  1. Hi new to this site and i need help as i am wanting to convert my 08 CRF450X to motard for road usage and i have had trouble finding information on what is required for the conversion as every bike shop i have approached has told me something different and made me confused. some have told me i need a cush drive then others have said not to worry about this. I also want to know about speedo recalibration as the 08 model speedo reads off the rear wheel. i want to set my bike up to give my mates on there road bikes a hard time up the mountains but i want to make sure i set the bike up right as i do not want to damage the motor/gearbox. I live in Brisbane, Australia and would like to know who to approach about the conversion and how much as the quotes i have been given are all over the place price wise. ANY HELP WOULD BE MUCH APPRECIATED. Cheers Andrew