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  1. Just wanted to know about the 280 and 305 bigbore kits, anyone using either one?, how do you like it, compared to stock, bottom, middle, and top end for the different ones and what exhaust are you using with it? Thanks
  2. Utah

    There is 4 of us going to ride moab feb. 19-26, heading down from montana, hopefully weather will be good, if not we will hit st. george, or caliente nv.
  3. Montana

    Sounds good to me, THANKS
  4. Montana

    Curt, Let us know how it is, My friend and I are headed over there on saturday, and hopefully it will be decent, if not were going to hit radersburg. Thanks
  5. Does the bike have a rekluse in it?
  6. Well, it goes like this, I said "if i can have a couple new bikes, you can have new implants", And viola, i got new bikes, See, it's a win win(but dont tell her that)
  7. I went through all kinds of different bar bends trying to find a good bend, and ended up with CR high bend bars, good rise, and not too much pull back, but every manufacturer seem to have a little bit different bend for the cr, so i use renthal fat bars or pro taper, and i have to cut them to length(29.5)
  8. I have had it happen a number of times, usually i just pull the spark plug out, and the airfilter off, and the drain plug on the float bowl, then kick it over a bunch of times to get to water out, and restart the engine, but it sounds like you have other issues to contend with, and the only way to find out is tear it down and see what happened, but you need to do it right away, and get some oil on the main bearings, and rod bearing, because they will rust really fast if you dont, and also drain the trans oil out and replace it too. Sounds like you may have stuck the rings, or broke the piston ring lands. Hope this helps
  9. It makes life real hard sometimes!!!! But she is a good women:ride:
  10. I switched from a 120 to a 110, IMHO it has way better feel, hooks up just as good, turns a little better, Like ville said it stays in the ruts, and just seems to track better than the wider tire, takes less power away from motor(bike feels like runs better)
  11. It all depends on what kind of woods riding your going to be doing, is it all tight gnarly single track?, is it just nice fun fast single track? or a good mix of everything? I have a 450, and a 250f, and a 300 smoker, and all of them work just fine for all the riding we do here, but when we ride the really nasty stuff the thumpers have a tendency to run hot if your not careful, were as the smoker doesn't, it's pretty hard to get the 300 steaming. My 300 isn't a light switch either, like some say they are, just not true, it's the smoothest motor of all the bikes i have, with alot of lowend grunt, i think equal to my 450, and will go way farther on a tank of fuel than the 450, but not as far as my 250f, with the same size tank. But you really need to find some people that have some different bikes you could ride to see what you like. I do have one friend that rides a kx450f, he seems to like it well enough, but the fuel range is the worst i have seen on any bike. And the ktm's have an adjustable power valve, so you can taylor the power to what you like. I like all three of my bikes, so much that i have a hard time deciding which one i want to ride all the time.
  12. One of the guys i ride with, rides an 08 250 xc, and it has been a great bike for him, Around 1900 on the odometer, and still on the stock topend, still has good compression, still running strong, bike has been bulletproof.
  13. Montana

    Plenty of single track, and hunting everywhere!
  14. Montana

    Small, ruff around the edges, and lots of good riding!!
  15. That's a screaming deal!! It's new? Are you getting the bike local? or somewhere else that you need to drive to or ship it, i know of a new 450 TXC for $30 more than that 510, but it's in pheonix.