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  1. vanderlay

    Anyonr Fit Front LED'S?????

    ahhh worked out how to post pics:) i fitted the pipe a few weeks before i did the indicators today and here is the handguards
  2. vanderlay

    Anyonr Fit Front LED'S?????

    zetas look nice,shame i just fitted ktm handguards last week,looking to get diamond front indicators to match the back,id up a pic,havnt figured out how to yet tho:lol:
  3. vanderlay

    Anyonr Fit Front LED'S?????

    did a search couldnt find,so just asking just fitted rear edge tail light with LED indicators,look nice,wondered if anyone has fitted front led indicators.if so do you have any pics?? want to see what it looks like,before i decide to do the same.thnx...
  4. vanderlay

    Acerbis Supermoto Hand Gaurds

    im also after some of these,i have renthal bars on my 55 plate sm would they fit my bars ok?
  5. vanderlay

    edge tail light mod ??

    i have the edge fitted its lovely and bright
  6. vanderlay

    DRZ spares in the uk????

    how much you looking for m8? only really need the front pipes,but will take the lot for the right price
  7. vanderlay

    DRZ spares in the uk????

    anyone know a place to get secondhand spares for a drz?? need stock front pipes,as my drz has a full crd racing system on it and its to loud,and suzuki want £125 heh thnx i have the sm model btw
  8. vanderlay

    Does This Kill The Battery?

    SSW big battery mod done?? you have more info on this William1 thnx Neil Claydon ill check out the Meta system 3 alarms
  9. vanderlay

    Does This Kill The Battery?

    been using a chain for security,but been looking at alarms,went to my local suzuki dealer and they told me not to get an alarm fitted as it kills the battery on the DRZ?,has this happened to ppl here? ps.. i did search first and i diddnt see it mentioned as yet
  10. vanderlay

    Gel Seat???

    care to share the link dude?
  11. vanderlay

    Gel Seat???

    gonna go fro the suzuki gel seat for £150 then
  12. vanderlay

    Gel Seat???

    DR-Z 400S/400E (K1/K2/K3/K4/K5/K6/K7) so will this fit the sm version?
  13. vanderlay

    Gel Seat???

    Ok i did a search but couldnt find anything in the uk,so thought id ask,does anyone know a uk company were i can get a gel seat for a drz,or anything thats better than the standard one? thnx