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  1. alright ive posted this on ktm talk an on here b4 with no responses. I just got a 04 ktm 125 rideing it an the clutch doesnt have any pressure in it ive bled it numerous times an it does the same thing if i dump it or lean it over goin into a turn too far the dealership said the slave was fine i noticed that the little red ball on the clutch is missing if i get a new lever will this do the trick is it leaking from the master or if i shall get a rebuild kit/ plunger for the master cylinder im hopeing its something small cuz i really cant afford fixing something expensive seeing i am only 16 an well i have a job but i dont get that much so i could really use some help here guys thanks
  2. Alright just got a 04 sx 125 love the bike an i rade alot faster on it than i did on my old 250 2t i messed around with the jetting on that an the 250 was perfict i have a shorty with the ktm i just got an decided to try it out. When im in tha trails what i mostly ride in i loved it kinda boggy tho but i was only messing with the air fuel screw shud i raise/drop the clip for more crispy response an what not i like the torque the shorty gave me so im decideing to keep it on and hope i pass sound check at the races what should i do
  3. kc2strokerider

    Matt @ TT's 250SX

    that be my dream bike there
  4. kc2strokerider

    Fast pace trail vid

    love the vid i wana make my cr a all black trail beast now seems like they could go faster but maby its just me i race harescrambles and thats easy but it also seems like he has a rekluse clutch on it any1 else notice that
  5. kc2strokerider

    Just picked up this 02 cr250r for 1,000.00!!

    ur a lucky bastard haha nice bike tho
  6. kc2strokerider

    Places to ride in Rhode Island

    lukes tellin me he has plans *** i wana go bad and i dont wana go by meself cuz idk where to go or anything
  7. kc2strokerider

    Places to ride in Rhode Island

    hahaah nice pun but yea i snapped the head off a bolt and its all good now i gotta go to rayzees tm and pick up the new stuff i hope i can go to the pit with luke this weekend bro
  8. kc2strokerider

    Stolen Bikes in southern PA

    happy to hear that man pple out there have no respect for anothers property and expecialy in this economy awsome tho dude
  9. kc2strokerider

    What's wrong with this picture???

    is this still ok guys got the bolt out today:worthy: thank god
  10. kc2strokerider

    What's wrong with this picture???

    alright sounds good thanks ill post at the end of the week and tell u how i made out
  11. kc2strokerider

    What's wrong with this picture???

    is it still a problem tho
  12. kc2strokerider

    Places to ride in Rhode Island

    hes on my bus hes my bro
  13. kc2strokerider

    What's wrong with this picture???

    its the hub not the basket tho any more tips thanks
  14. kc2strokerider

    What's wrong with this picture???

    qusetion for all of you guys k so i snapped the head off one of the spring bolts so its stuck in one of the posts wana get it out but noticed those spiderweb looking cracks what should i do because i was going to just order a new one of shoule i just have the shop take the rest of the bolt out need some help all posts are there tho
  15. kc2strokerider

    Places to ride in Rhode Island

    yea david? lol u bought sams bike lol we gotta go ridin luke f wants me to go to the pit nextweekend and arcadia is packed wit dem rit now so im guna wait a couple months