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  1. Im currently using a 1990 xt600e to race at mablethorpe beach in the uk. Basically its a 1/4 mile oval, on sand. What are the best mods to make the old pig go better? Im currently using standard gearing and im thinking of dropping one tooth on the engine sprocket so that I can set off in 2nd gear as 1st is far too short, will that do it or will I need a larger rear sprocket as well? Also has anyone used a straight through exhaust? Im wanting to make it lighter as the lazer exhaust fitted weighs a ton! My thoughts are to make one that goes under the motor, basically to keep the weight lower down and to make it look a bit more dirt or flat track style! Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  2. petwar

    XR600R rebuild

    i managed to get the chain off without splitting it. but it was a little fiddly!
  3. petwar

    Cleaning White tank

    over here in england i use a cleaning product called cif or jif. it is for cleaning bathrooms ect, its basically a cream that contains a bit of bleach and very fine abrasives.
  4. petwar

    auto decompressor removal?

    thanks for that guys, im guna strip it off and have a look at stripping it off and sorting it out. dont fancy a free trip over the bars lol!
  5. petwar

    auto decompressor removal?

    i mite give it a try then, anyone know roughly how much the parts would be?
  6. petwar

    auto decompressor removal?

    ive not really got any worries about working on engines as im an engineer, but im just wondering how much the parts would be to sort out the decompressor? isnt the cam pressed on?
  7. petwar

    auto decompressor removal?

    ive heard this, but i was thinking of just trimming the cam follower so it doesnt run on the decompressor cam. But is it a big or expensive job to swap the decomp assembly?
  8. petwar

    auto decompressor removal?

    thanks! yep, ive set the valves, got good spark and fueling slightly rich. the bike runs but sometimes it is extremely hard to kick over without the manual decompressor.
  9. hi there, ive just bought a project xr600 with a possible auto decompressor fault. it sometimes works when i go to start it but sometimes doesnt and i have to use the manual lever. and aometimes it seems to hold the valve open when its running and it lacks power. so, is it an easy fix or should i just remove the thing?