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  1. The road usually holds up pretty well, unless it’s a torrential downpour. The trails can get slick, they can get some serious ruts. Depends when they were last hit with a blade. Just know, rowher has very red mud, its gonna stain stuff.
  2. I don’t ride as often as I used to (every few months now) After dealing with ethanol laced gas turning to shit a few times (I always treat it with ethanol type fuel preservative), is there anywhere in SFV or Simi Valley or nearby that sells real fuel? next step will just be draining tanks before I pack the bikes away
  3. Perhaps viable was the wrong word...I mean, if it pleases the crown, perhaps there's a way to do it?
  4. There's still a viable way to do this?
  5. According to the site the proper filter is a PCF1X, which fits a whole plethora of different bikes. Sound about right?
  6. FYI
  7. It'll happen. I've got the fmf, Ecu with fmf map.
  8. 2015 here, notice the same things. Yamahas are noisy. Chain noise is normal, you probably can't hear it at higher rpm. When you stall, sometimes it's at TDC. Starter won't do it, you have to put pressure on kick start and slide it by.
  9. When my WR was still on stock springs, it did that. When I got it resprung for my fat ass, with proper sag, it became much more stable.
  10. Oh I did. Squeezed it out then lightly blotted with a paper towel. Let it dry overnight before running it in the bike
  11. Krannie...are you talking about this as far as the OEM, or a grommet in conjunction with this?
  12. I've already reached out to twin air, awaiting a response. Would you say this is enough oil? I submerged this thing in bel Ray, it was literally dripping.
  13. Where can you find the OEM grommet? I've looked at several online parts fiches and don't see it available. Only the filter, or the white plastic washer that fits on the cage
  14. They were sealed. I cleaned them with maxima air filter cleaner. Spray with cleaner, massage in, rinse with hot water squeeze repeat. Then soapy water. Rinse,Then air dry.
  15. Just got a moose filter in the mail....here's all three I got, the way they came.