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  1. Using WRF-Rowdy’s method, I came up with -3. Yesterday I set it to -3. Just did a stone cold start, started up within a second.
  2. How did you guys get to these numbers? A guess? Trial and error? Is there a method?
  3. Had the same problem, adjusted idle to 1300 (after warm up), ran the CO up and down till it stalled. +27 upper limit, -29 lower limit. That puts me at -1 for the mean number. Adjusted back to 2000 rpm, seems to start easier....but I don’t see how going from 0 to -1 could make a difference
  4. Does anyone in LA/Ventura California have a Yamaha FI diagnostic tool they’d like to lend or sell? Or know if a dealer that has the tool and ability to adjust the CO setting on a 2015 WR?
  5. Kran, what ratio do you typically use for stabilizer?
  6. Bike runs fine, gas just turns yellow (is that normal even with additive?) I’ve been using Stabil 360 made for ethanol.
  7. 2015 WR450. I typically treat all gas with ethanol specific fuel stabilizer per Krannies recommendation. However, sometimes fuel still sits a while and gets nasty (work and kids means I don’t ride like I used to) Any harm in adding Techron or another similar fuel injector cleaner to a fuel injected WR450?
  8. The road usually holds up pretty well, unless it’s a torrential downpour. The trails can get slick, they can get some serious ruts. Depends when they were last hit with a blade. Just know, rowher has very red mud, its gonna stain stuff.
  9. I don’t ride as often as I used to (every few months now) After dealing with ethanol laced gas turning to shit a few times (I always treat it with ethanol type fuel preservative), is there anywhere in SFV or Simi Valley or nearby that sells real fuel? next step will just be draining tanks before I pack the bikes away
  10. Perhaps viable was the wrong word...I mean, if it pleases the crown, perhaps there's a way to do it?
  11. There's still a viable way to do this?
  12. According to the site the proper filter is a PCF1X, which fits a whole plethora of different bikes. Sound about right?
  13. FYI
  14. It'll happen. I've got the fmf, Ecu with fmf map.
  15. 2015 here, notice the same things. Yamahas are noisy. Chain noise is normal, you probably can't hear it at higher rpm. When you stall, sometimes it's at TDC. Starter won't do it, you have to put pressure on kick start and slide it by.