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  1. X1000! I see we ride the same area too, which is maybe why our feelings are the same. the 450x is a sweet desert machine.
  2. Seems like a lot of guys are XR converts. I still have my 2002 XR650R that i use as a dual sport machine since its plated. Its a totally different beast thats for sure. I do enjoy riding the CRF in the tight stuff, and open desert its not bad at all either. I love the XR in the big wide open desert though, its just such a caddy. I have the suspension dialed and it just eats up all of the terrian. The main reason i ended up with the CRFx is I wanted a bike in between my XR650R and my KX500 (in KX250 Frame)
  3. I've ridden a few times at Hollister, I've only had them check the bikes for spark arestors.
  4. Does kind of feel like an electrical issue. You can also maybe try to use some starting fluid while cranking it, if you want to get around the fuel deal.
  5. Step 1: Clean carb very well Step 2: Jet and install adjustable fuel screw Step 3: Ride
  6. Ah very valid point. I am new to these auto-magical de-compressors. I'm sure the FSM goes over all of this stuff as well with tolerance specs. I'm just going off of general mechanics 101. I got a feeling if its fine on compression, its something simple. Either junked up carb (main culprit) or its going to be a loose / chaffed wire. Either at the coil or maybe kill switch. I've often seen both cause all sorts of buggy stuff.
  7. Before going any further, confirm the following. Compression, followed by leak down test (should be north of 120psi, leak down should be less than 25%) Pull spark plug and confirm spark while kicking / elec start ( should be bright blue) Clean carb THOROUGHLY. If all of those tests pass, there is no reason it should not start. If one fails, come back and tell which one failed. These things are super simple if attacked using some methodical troubleshooting.
  8. On a side note, I would refrain from kicking it, there is a very good chance you'll crack the side case. For whatever reason Honda dropped the ball on the design and its really prone to cracking.
  9. Springs are easy, if you can change your oil you should not have any issues with those. Valving is really not that hard, assuming you have the shim stack info that you want to run. If you dont have access to a shim stack database, i'd leave this one to the pros, you'll do more damage than good. If you are going to do a mail order suspension job, i'd suggest TBT Suspension. They do better work than anyone i've use before.
  10. on a bit of a side track, what are most people seeing mileage wise with the 3.2?
  11. I'm also not a fan on the FRONT 606. It always felt ok on the street, but left a lot to be desired on the dirt. Felt very washy. I'd look to either Pirelli or Michelin if you NEED a DOT tire. I have gotten the point to where I refuse to run a DOT tire. Rear is great.
  12. yea I was expecting some light surface rust, but that looks really bad. I'd send it back without a doubt. It looks like that thing has been sitting around outside for a year.
  13. I think thats really good looking! Would love to see it on white plastics too.
  14. I have to pull the hotstart off anyways since I also picked up a hotstart nut to replace the plastic one, so yea.. might just end up yanking it all
  15. Ya I think the shock would help, i'll prob end up doing that. I tried tilting it before I realized there was an access port on the bottom... I felt like a goof after that. I found that I had a lot of other connected junk, i think maybe i'll have to research what all the hoses are. I know the smog and junk is removed.