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  1. xptntrider101

    Hinson Clutch basket

    I have a 06 and yes its the same i put one on but called before as i too seen the 09 on the box but yes u are good to go!!!
  2. xptntrider101

    Moisture Problem

    yes i cover my exhaust when i was it which i havent washed it since the day i tore it down to rebuild the entire bike! as of right now ive ran the motor and took the valve cover off again and after running the motor 3 times no moisture in the valve cover, vent hose, or in engine oil thru site glass....like i said the day i took the valve cover off to check things out after running it a few times about a month after i first started it no moisture...i know what ur talkin about with the motor getting hot and getting rid of the moisture its just that after i had ran the motor quite a few times it sat for about a month maybe a little less with never being started so im thinking that the last time i started it and the vent hose had gotten warmed up from the valve cover then cooled off and condensed and get the hose wet and caused the oil to slowly be contaminated....but i do greatly appreciate your help on this matter i will continue to keep an eye on it im going to mototown maybe next weekend so i will keep an eye on the coolant level and when i let the bike sit for a while and oil level has settled i will look at it and make sure it looks right! but thank you again and if i have anymore problems with this matter than i will be sure to ask!!
  3. xptntrider101

    Moisture Problem

    yea i def will....it better not be i mean from what i can tell the level is at where i think i put it but two i took my sweet time on this motor and did everything carefully!! i know its not burning the coolant so obviously that is out of the question and the base gasket area was clean....but the main source of that white milky oil was right at the top of the valve cover and as the oil was getting splashed around it probably grabbed alittle at a time and brought it down!! but there was not a huge mess of it in the oil and u couldnt really tell there was any in the oil lookin thru the site glass! i am going to borrow my bros pressure tester and just eliminate that and keep checking it...one more thing is about 3 weeks after maybe even 4 weeks after i first started the motor up and had ran it about 5 times i pulled the valve cover off too check the valve clearance and just to look everything over and there was absolutely no white oil anywhere at all and like i said i had ran it about 5 times before i did this so if it is leaking coolant i would really think that it would have done it then! but ill def keep an eye on it! thanks for the help!
  4. xptntrider101

    Moisture Problem

    i did look at the coolant level and it does not seem to have gone down at all! but it didnt take all 5 to 6 oil changes to get all of it out it took the first two to really clean it up and i did the other oil changes just to get rid of any that may have been lurking around in the engine! but when i was running the bike up and down the street the road was pretty wet at times and i am pretty sure that it was from just running it a quite a few times when it was cold out and the motor getting warm then cooling off.. but i am gonna make sure i keep an eye on the coolant! but like i said it only took the first 2 oil changes to get the main moisture out but i did the rest just to get anymore out that i could! thanks guys!!
  5. xptntrider101

    Moisture Problem

    the seals are brand new and it cant be from the coolant!! i dont know if u have a honda but anyways the coolant if mixed with oil it would be in the tranny oil not engine oil side! and even if it was there is no moisture in the tranny side....but the moisture did come from those vent tubes cause when i pulled the plug out pure water came out not alot but some...i have drained the oil about 5-6 times now flushing that crap out and i believe i have it all...so its def gonna be something i have to keep an eye on till we reach warmer temps!
  6. xptntrider101

    Moisture Problem

    So after rebuilding my 06 450 motor i have put about 1/4 of a tank on it running it up and down the street puttin a load on the motor...but tonight i took the valve cover off to check things make sure everything with the valves and cam chain and sprocket are good and when i pull the valve cover off i noticed alot of white milky stuff on the top of the valve cover and a small amound on top of the head! well come to find out that even though i cleaned the crankcase breather hose and both ends that one goes to airbox and other to valve cover very good some how with riding it in the crappy winter weather moisture got in there and caused my oil to go like that. I pulled the plug and water dripped out for a couple of seconds...So i took the hoses right off and poured isopropyl down all three hoses and used compressed air and made sure they were clean and DRY!!!! so if anyone is running theres around in the winter u might wanna check up on that! now i am draining oil putting fresh oil in run motor for about 2 minutes drain oil for about 10-15 put more fresh oil in (the filter is brand new and fine no moisture in it at all) and run motor to get oil warm again and drain. I will do this 3 more times and i should have everything out of the engine as far as moisture goes! 2.5 gallons of shell rotella is the way to buy oil!!! very good oil but also is easy on the wallet just change out very frequently!!!
  7. xptntrider101

    06 start up noise

    Well i put a new chain and tensioner in as well OEM but i was wonderin if there is something wrong with the new tensioner i am going to put the old one back in to try it out! it hasnt jumped timing i mean the motor runs awesome just that little noise from the chain but i will try the other tensioner. It did seem that when i screwed the tensioner out to release pressure for a second when i was looking everything over and checking the tensioner to make sure it was working it seemed like the screw would go in then hit but could still with a screw driver turn it in just a little more!
  8. xptntrider101

    06 start up noise

    Hey guys i rebuilt my entire motor and i have it jetted to run in the cold weather basically 25-35 degrees F.... it starts up great and i turn the choke off right after it starts and it runs very nice but say i warm the engine up and shut it off and then start it back up it starts right away but the chain is making a noise as if it is slapping but as soon as u blurp the throttle it goes right away and doesnt make the noise again...jets are Pilot 50 2 turns on fuel screw.....i clip position down on the needle........main 172....the bike runs awesome and very smooth in the cold weather with these jets but i still dont understand the noise from the chain! i rebuilt the motor myself and crank piston bearings and everything are all OEM honda parts except for valves which are kibblewhites! is this just a cold weather thing but also before when the bike had a 42 pilot it would struggle to start and when it did start it would do that same noise but also quit running right after since it was not getting enough fuel! but any info on this would be awesome guys so hope someone can help me out...once again thank you!!!!...
  9. xptntrider101

    2006 450r cold jet settings!

    I have a 2006 crf450r that i rebuilt the entire motor and is all stock meaning piston, rings, crank, gaskets, bearings, except for the valves there kibblewhites....but anyways the bike has never liked starting in any temp below 45-50 and when does start i have to be playing with the throttle for a minute or two with the choke on! it has a 42 pilot and a 168 main...i have a 45,48, and a 50 pilot jet coming and a 170 and 172 main jet coming! should i start off with the 45 pilot or jump to the 48 im going to mototown and it will prob be cold there so i dont wanna have any problems with it starting! and what should i run for the fuel screw i have it backed out to two turns when it was 1 1/2 turns before i took the jets out but i thought i would try two turns and if needed put it back to 1 1/2...let me know what u guys think or if someone has had the same problem and found out what size jets to use and how many turns out on the fuel screw!!! thank you
  10. Went to check the valve clearance on my bike and the exhaust valves are fine but the intake valve have NO CLEARANCE at all. I know this because with the time sprocket and chain off the cam i can feel a good amount of resistance on the intake valves when the lobes arent touching!!! one valve has a 120 shim and the other has a 140 shim.... could there be something wrong with the valves or could who ever rebuilt this motor before i owned the bike had switched the shims or buckets around??? i need some info fast. Thanks guys!!!!
  11. xptntrider101

    TTR 125 Carb overflow problem

    My 03' Ttr125l Is Leaking Gas Out The Overflow Tube Badly, I Have Taken The Bowl Off Several Times And Found Nothing Wrong With The Float, No Gas Has Gotten Into The Float To Make It Heavy, The Needle Is Fine, And I Made Sure Everything Was Clean. I Am Stuck On What It Could Be, When I Push The Float All The Way Up With The Gas On It Does Stop The Flow Of Gas Into The Float But When Everything Is Together It Just Comes Right Out Onto The Ground Really Fast.