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  1. RmBeast4

    anyone own a pro's old bike (pic)

    a local pro....i wann know who it was.
  2. RmBeast4

    man i suck on a 4t

    i have a bridgestone m402 i think it works pretty good. but the rekluse anti stall clutch looks kinda cool. and the 952 tire is pretty good im just haveing to change mine
  3. RmBeast4

    man i suck on a 4t

    my 4t hasnt died in the air yet so idk if i have to hit the brake then i pull clutch in. and i wann take corners like on my old 2t. gas it in and hit brakes and slide it in. i usally stall it. but i feel more comfortable on my 4t
  4. RmBeast4

    any tips?

    mom finally decided to let me start racing all next summer season. have any tips on seat bounceing and preloading and any random other tips?
  5. xD hahah srry i had to make one
  6. that bike is gonna be the most original and best looking ones ive seen lol
  7. i think skid shud be orNGE O BLUE to continue the color flow haha
  8. im loveing the frame lol
  9. yeah cuz its yours haha
  10. 04' yz250f just after rideing:) almost nothing stock my bike lol
  11. http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=44997100 Tell me anything you think i could do to be better to inprove my rideing?
  12. RmBeast4

    preload help

    tnx im gonna try that if i can get back to the track b4 it gets to cold and if my dad actually takes the pictures and videos he says he is