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  1. I took my 250r out for the first time in a couple months and after riding it up the street darker oil started to drip from the transmission area. I don't know if its just a bad gasket or something from the bike sitting and was hoping you guys could point me in the right direction. Thanks.
  2. Clowe9461

    FMF Powercore 4

    or what about a vance and hines
  3. Clowe9461

    FMF Powercore 4

    what about an acropovic evo?
  4. Clowe9461

    FMF Powercore 4

    I just got a 2007 crf250r and I wanted to get an exhaust. I'm thinking of getting the FMF powercore 4. Is it worth it to pay $50 to get a ti version compared to a stainless steel version? Also, i don't know if i need one, but which FMF header should I get with it? Thanks
  5. Clowe9461

    Yz250f Vs Crf250r

    Sorry, I meant 2010-2012
  6. I am moving from my crf150f up to a 250f and do not know which bike to get. I like the low maintenance of my crf150f, but it is getting to small and I am starting to ride more MX than trails. About 70% MX and 30% Trail. I am trying to decide on either a crf250r or a yz250f. I'm trying to get a 2010-2010. I like honda and yamaha because everyone says they are reliable bikes. Since I am coming from a trail bike I would like a bike that has a good bottom end. Which one should I get?
  7. Clowe9461

    Which 250f to buy?

    around $2500
  8. Clowe9461

    moving up from xr100

    I used to have a xr100 to and i moved up to a crf150f. the crf150f is a great bike thats easy to maintain and you cant get a used one for about $1000. Its almost a perfect stepping stone from the xr100.
  9. Clowe9461

    Lookig for my first bike!

    if you are going to do a lot of trail I would go with the ttr, but if you want to only race on a track I would go with the yz and if you are going to do both I would go with the ttr. You should check out the crf150f. The bike never brakes and its a good starting bike. Its also about the size of the 230 and is cheaper.
  10. I am 5'9" and about 150lbs and I am currently riding a 2003 crf150f. I was thinking about moving up to a race 250f, but I dont know a lot about these bikes. I usually ride about 50% trail and 50% track when I go riding. What 250f would be good for that and is there one that is more durable and that doesnt need as much maintenance as the others? thanks.