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    Time to man up and ride some real single track

    What if you meet someone going the other way? Even on marked trails, and I don't know if this was one, people sometimes run it in the wrong direction. I'm all for single track but I like to have a little room on at least one side.
  2. JHWilliams

    Crankcase Ventilation

    L-Vie & Max2, Thanks for the replies. I will definitely be hooking the ventilation back up to the carb. I will put the check valve on my "things to do/buy" list. I'm saving my money right now for a light kit to work toward plating the bike. John
  3. Long time listener, first time caller. Hello all, I just bought a 2006 EXC 400 and am in the process of checking it over in depth and noticed the crankcase ventilation had been modified to go out by the swingarm. In reading Dave Hopkins excellent New Bike Setup (hey, it's new to me) I noticed he advised against this and based upon his logic I have to agree. Does anyone know or can anyone hazard a guess why it was modified? Was there a problem with it going into the carb? Thanks for any info or advise. John