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  1. BushpigNZ

    08 450X Front Suspension Setup

    Hi Guys, Thougt I would give an update as I got my X perfect now (for me that is !). Here is what I did: 1) Raised handle bars 30mm 2) Droped forks by 10mm (this may raise some eyebrows ); she turns much quicker now in the tight stuff. 3) MC5 Metzler on the back - just awesome for all types of riding (mud, gravel etc) 4) Clickers way back on both compresion and rebound on the front. Back stock settings. Thanks again for all the input. Keep riding
  2. BushpigNZ

    08 450X Front Suspension Setup

    Thanks guys - will have a go with all the advice this weekend Willl let you know how I get on.
  3. BushpigNZ

    Let see ya in action

    No action photos unfortunately, but shows some of the good scenery here in NZ during a ride near Ohakune last weekend Thats me and my 08X My best mate - he has a 07X Not us, but showing one of the many river crossings Not an 450X, but nice shot Wish I can ride everyday, but unfortunately there is this thing called "work"
  4. BushpigNZ

    What Year Is Your 450X?

    2008 with JD Jetting Kit, Two Bros Exhaust, Air Box Mod
  5. BushpigNZ

    08 450X Front Suspension Setup

    Hi All. Would appreciate some feedback regarding getting my front forks "softer". At the moment they feel very harsh, even over small bumps / rocks etc - especially at speed. I turned both compression and rebound back about six to eight clicks from standard - should I go more? I don't do any big jumps, so don't now if thats something to keep in mind?? Back suspension is perfect! Love my X
  6. BushpigNZ

    I was about to purchase a CRF450X but...

    Mate, if it is going to be mostly open tracks taht you are going to ride, I would go for the 450. I bought the 450 after test riding both. I found the 250 not to have eough grunt in very sandy / boggy situations. Previously I owned a WR250 and before that an IT 200. CRF450 outhandles both these by a mile! I have the 08 model. I am taller though (1.85, 82kg). I got a new 08 450X for NZ$10K - maybe you can do better on the price? Dealers are hard-up these days with the "recesion" going around, especially if the have some "old" stock sitting around. Good luck!
  7. BushpigNZ

    JD Jet kit for the 2008's

    Did my 1st race (down here in New Zealand) with the JD kit installed. I can only say WOW - very impressed. Best overall bang for you $ by far. Got an 08 model, and found needle installaion no problem Also my first post Go JD!