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    the negatives of too stiff??

    Great feedback guys thanks!! BTW, the bike is an 06 CRF450. As far as the COG what is the best way to measure this? I'm assuming its more something that you feel... If I can describe it, my front does seem a little soft in corners and tends to bottom out when I dont clear the larger tables. The rear hooks up real nice in the corners but in whoops it seems to out perform the forks because the front seems really heavy and wants to dip down. I am not the fastest rider but I dont want to adapt incorrect tecniques for something that is not adjusted right on the bike... I feel fairly certain that the front springs are too soft for the rear so im probably lacking the synergy that the bike should have in the first place. As far as dampening, I probably need to look at this again as well... thoughts?
  2. RockDVS

    the negatives of too stiff??

    Thanks Bills, I do mean that I am not getting the same height as others and I land shorter as well. I read you loud and clear about keeping your jumps low and far, but I am not whiping or scrubing to clarify things. Assuming that I keep the same rear spring but go up a couple in the front, do you think this could help fix my issue? Maybe the front is soaking up too much of the face so I dont get the same pop?
  3. I put on a bit of weight since I last did my suspension and I need to upgrade the fork and rear springs. I am 6'1 and I weight about 245 with no gear. I have a factory connection 5.8 rear spring and have the stock fork springs (.46). I set the sag and it seemed to be good, but I know that its still soft because I can hit a jump at the same speed side by side another bike and I don't go as far. I used a calculator and it said to run a 6.0 but Im thinking about going to a 6.2, 6.3... and changing the forks accordingly prop a .51 or so. So here is the question... I know a few of you will say this is too stiff, but is it really?? If I adjust the sag appropriately what negative effects will I experience? Thanks for the feedback!