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  1. so nobody has the stock jetting for this bike?
  2. Valves deffinatly are on the hit list but I would like to check something easier to go into like jetting. if its still hard then ill go to valves. just need a good jetting baseline to start off with
  3. First off a little about me. started thumper old XR500-kx125-CRF450-250sx-525sx I know a bit about bikes I can change my own oil "yay!!" check and shim valves and some lower end stuff is about as complicated as I go. This is my 1st run on a orange 4stroke after my 07 250sx this is a new learning curve. The bike is a 03 525sx. Now i know this bike have been threaded to death as Ive done ALOT of searches. A few people having my problem hard starting I adjusted the way out floats now I can get a cold start in less than 5 kicks but its still picky and hot start goes something like this. gas off, hot start on, decompression, kick 20 times, VROOM, turn gas on hot start off. and thats if I'm lucky. Without getting a JD jet kit which I will if i cant fix it. Heres what I got. 03 ktm 525 5th and 6th added. FMF powerbomb header power core 4 silencer (if you can call it that) 200 series black box ride sea level in the san diego dessert. temps 95-60 less than 10% humidity running 91 pump gas whats the recomended the jets and needle? also I keep hearing about this bulliten around here about it but cant seem to find it. IF anyone has good links I missed Im happy to read them.