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  1. ryanmxrider2

    looking for crf50 handlebars

    I have the throttle if vmorosi doesnt find his but the kill switch is broken so you would have to turn it off by the key. I also have the bars and clamps. Used though.
  2. ryanmxrider2

    how tall to fit 125 2t

    First off on the comment posted *I was Kidding* cant you get sarcasm and as for XR dude I am 5'1 and I agree with Ttoks on whatever feels comfortable and that usually depends on skill level
  3. ryanmxrider2

    how tall to fit 125 2t

    Well im 5'1" on an 2008 250 w/ 130 springs and for those of you who "dont really know" who Ricky Carmichael is you shouldn't be allowed to ride a dirtbike
  4. ryanmxrider2

    my EVS evolution and leatt comparison

    Aside from the $$ difference, I saw no reason to even consider the EVS. You can tell just by looking at it that the quality is severely lacking compared to the Leatt. I had made my decision within 10 seconds of seeing the EVS that I would be getting the Leatt for my daughter and I (son already has one). The shop we were at hadn't sold a single EVS yet and said that after they did a shop demo day (with just store employees) at the track, they don't recommend them compared to the Leatt.
  5. ryanmxrider2

    Does the CRF 150R fits me???????

    im 5'2 and am going to get a 250 the day I reach 5'3 so I would get a 250, lower linkage (1") then raise forks so you dont throw off the geometry and shave the seat to a step seat and your down 2 1/2 inches and seat height is around 35.5 inches Good to Go
  6. ryanmxrider2

    lower an 85

    how low do you need it because you could adjust sag and drop the forks by buying handlebar risers
  7. ryanmxrider2

    Bike for girlfriend

    How about the 150r small wheel that would be a awesome bike for her my sister is 5'2" and she has the big wheel and loves it