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  1. what kind of of headlight did you go with? I am looking for something else for mine and can't find anything i really like?
  2. ok that sounds like its on the right trail
  3. like its not getting gas miss
  4. i dont think that is it either, that would happen from opening the throttle right?
  5. no i had my kickstand off for an mx race and it happend once.
  6. My 05 misses while in the air after a jump sometimes. i dont know what this is from. seems like it happens about once or twice on a 2 hr ride. doesnt have to be a big jump. it just seems to stutter. can anyone help me out?
  7. thanks for the info guys, just to be safe how bout the crankcase? just go by the book or no?
  8. the guy i bought my 05 450x from told me to overfill my transmition cause 3rd gear doesnt get enough oil with the recomended amount and will wear out. he told me to prop it on the kick stand and fill until when tipped upright the oil will show in the add hole. also another quick question, can i use synthetic oil in transmition and crankcase? or what oil is the best?
  9. wow jsanflippo really knows his stuff, since you know your stuff so well, what would you suggest for my completely stock 05 450X. I plan on exhaust, opening the airbox, and jetting. I could use some help on sizes or brands of jetting, i dont know much about it, i know where they are and how to replace them but thats about all i know about jetting. and what is the accelerator pump? and smog pump? I am basically looking for all the ways to make my 450x rip like no other without losing engine life expectancy. Thanks for any help!
  10. someone commented on getting the x track ready, what do you mean by cutting the pink wire? and also weren't like 10-15 years ago all the race bikes heavier than today or closer in weight to the x? probably still hitting the same size jumps as today? and the x of today with probably a lot better power and setup? just a curious question
  11. no i live in Redwood falls, about 3 1/2 hrs northwest of the millville area. and just so everyone knows i took the headlight off and put a number plate on so i wouldn't look completely rediculous.
  12. I just bought a 05 crf450x about a month ago? I haven't rode much in the last 5 years. i just went to my first actual track for an open track practice last weekend at Millville Minnesota. It was a blast, and am thinking of going to some races or doing motocross more often. I did more in depth research on my 450x, i really didnt find a lot of differences between the "r" and "x". the main differences would be 30lbs heavier, more mid range smoother power, and wider gear ratios. I did change to a 13 tooth drive sprocket at the track, the 14 tooth i thought was just geared too high. I went with the c class riders, didn't think i was the worst i could have done, but that is about the experience of my career. My question is, is the 450x an ok option to start racing on? or am i an idiot for even getting on the track with something like that? or what mods should be done to the bike if that would help?